What are the interesting things in Lang Son?

Lang Son is known as a land border between Vietnam and China, where many kinds of cheap Chinese goods and trade are sold. Besides being a place to circulate goods, Lang Son has beautiful tourist attractions and if you find it interesting, do not forget to visit destinations below.

 1. Mau Son

Mau Son
Mau Son is about 30 km north-east of Lang Son, which is bordered by part of China and known as the most beautiful snow-capped spot that you can not miss. Summer is the period that Mau Son has a cool climate. However, it might be to rain for you to travel. If you want to see the snowfall in Mau Son, it may be wonderful to visit from December to the next February. When visiting here, I am sure that you will be impressed by its landscape and the snow covers full of the roads. Pay attention to bring cold clothes because the weather in Mau Son whether winter or summer are much colder than downstream.

2, Tam Thanh Pagoda

Tam Thanh Pagoda
Tam Thanh pagoda is a famous pagoda in Lang Son with unique and ancient beauty. There are many mysterious caves that are attractive tourist attractions that you can not ignore. Tam Thanh Pagoda has three large caves named Nhat Thanh, Nhi Thanh and Tam Thanh. In these three caves, the largest Tam Thanh cave has many attractions. If you like the excitement, do not hesitate to come here on the 15th lunar month to participate in the festival of Tam Thanh Pagoda with many cultural activities and unique ceremony.

 3. Bac Son Valley

Bac Son Valley
The Bac Son valley is located in Bac Son district with charming scenery and beautiful landscape. The valley is surrounded by hundreds of large and small mountains. In the early morning, sunrise is the best time to admire the Bac Son valley. In case of wanting to have beautiful pictures, you can go early to climb to the top of Na Lay mountain with a height of 600m. Note that the road to the mountain is difficult to go and slippery. If you go early in the morning, you have to wear the shoes that have good friction. My suggestion is to go to the group to help each other. You are able to sleep on the mountain and prepare tents, food and drink to experience the great time. 
Moreover, The rice fields in the valley have blue or yellow depending on the time you travel. If you want to look at the vast green rice paddies at the foot of the mountain, come here in February to May, June to July are the time that rice fields start to turn yellow. It creates a beautiful scene to attract many tourists and people. This is definitely one of the famous landscapes in Lang Son for your travel.

4, To Thi Mountain

To Thi Mountain
The mountain has the image of the woman holding children due to the natural formation of the rocks. To Thi Mountain is also known as Vong Phu Mountain. It means that a woman took care of her children and waited for her husband who is fighting the enemy in the war. Located near Nhat Thanh, Nhi Thanh and Tam Thanh caves, if you have to travel Tam Thanh pagoda, remember to visit the To Thi Mountain. In addition, the landscape here is also quite beautiful so you can take some photos to save your journey in Vietnam. 

 5. Dong Kinh Market

Dong Kinh Market
In addition to the interesting places of interest in Lang Son on the way out, you can not miss the Dong Kinh Market to buy clothes, household items or take gifts. Dong Kinh Market is very close to Lang Son Station. It is just about 1 km away from the station so tourists and tourists here are quite crowded. At Dong Kinh Market, there are a variety of goods and mainly Chinese goods such as jewelry, handicrafts, clothes, shoes to electronics, refrigerators or children's toys. If you want to buy something, you can refer to the price from the previous home and then go to Dong Kinh market to reduce the price from 10 to 40% depending on the type of goods. Besides Dong Kinh market, Lang Son also has some other well-known markets such as Ky Le market, Dong Dang market or Tan Thanh border gate. Visit them in case of having enough time.

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