Ben Tre – The Kingdom of Coconuts in Vietnam

Ben Tre which locates 85 km South of Ho Chi Minh City at the end-stream of Mekong River has long been known as the base of the resistance war against the French and American in the last of the 20th century. Moreover, this region is not only well-known for unparalleled beauty and historical significance but also friendly locals and sweet coconut candies. 

Best Time to Visit Ben Tre
The weather in Ben Tre is typically monsoon tropical with average temperatures are fairly high throughout the year: 25 – 28˚C. Tourists can visit Ben Tre all year round but it is better to avoid the rainy season which usually begins in May and lasts until October. The best time is the monsoon from June to September to see a wide variety of fruits or after Tet holiday when you have a fascinating opportunity to visit Phu Le Pagoda Festival or the NghinhOng Rite.
Things to Do
Perhaps, unlike the bustling world of Ho Chi Minh city, this province has become a fascinating stop to see everyday life in rural Vietnam. Indeed, your excursions in Vietnam to the Western region cannot be completed without a trip to Ben Tre.
Known as the homeland of coconuts, there are many traditional family-run factories where you can see coconut candy production process. Locals boil large cauldrons of sticky mixture, rolling it out, cutting into small squares and then wrapping them into paper for sale. Beside local coconut factories, you should visit famous orchards and fruit gardens such as Tien Long, Cai Mon, or Tam Phu. There are a lot of agriculture productions such as rice, corn, pineapple, custard-apple, star apple, durian, mango, and so on.
Traveling to Ben Tre, you should visit TuyenLinh Temple which was recognized as a cultural and historical heritage in 1994. This place is famous not only because of the uniqueness of its design, but also the historic events that happened here. Every year, on May 19th, a festival is held to celebrate the birth of Uncle Ho. Because this temple was the hidden for many members of the Communist Party during two wars of resistance, it was bombarded many times and badly damaged.  However, it was reconstructed in 1999 on the original site.
Moreover, Ben Tre beautiful scenery with vast floating fields of lotus plants will certainly bring you an unforgettable experience. You can hire a boat and boatman with a small fee to paddle out into the mass of lotus plants. You can enjoy the cool breeze and the idyllic peace with the gentle sound of the paddle hitting the water.
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