5 Best Things to Do in Mai Chau, Vietnam

Mai Chau is one of the top destinations for not only ecotourism but also adventurous expeditions in Northern Vietnam. And of course, there must be something really interesting and attractive of this land and people that you might never heard about. Following are 5 best things to do that you should know about this beautiful valley.

Try a Biking or Trekking Tour

Beyond exploring Mai Chau with a group tour, why don’t you try a biking or trekking trip around to discover the place yourself? The scenery in Mai chau will definitely change when you get on a bicycle or trek around because you won’t be able to discover many remote lush rice paddies and flower gardens located on the hill by bus. Besides, a biking or trekking trip will also guarantee you a lot of photo chances as you can stop at wherever you want.
How to get a bicycle or book a trekking tour? You can easily find a nice bicycle at your hotels or homestays in Mai Chau at a never-better price – about $2.5 per day. For the best trekking tours and other packages in Mai Chau, have a look at our link here: http://excursionvietnam.com/mai-chau-tours.

Explore Mai Chau's Caves

As it goes without saying that Northern Vietnam Terrain contains some of the best limestone caves in Vietnam. If you are eager to explore them, a visit to Mai Chau won’t be a bad idea. There are 2 majestic caves in this picturesque land called Chieu Cave and Mo Luong Cave. Both ones are also featured with ridiculously large systems of karst terrain with stalactites and stalagmites, promising to give you a memorable trekking trip in Northern Vietnam. 

Enjoy Local Cuisine

If you are a big fan of Vietnamese food, you will surely be even more surprised to experience a unique culinary culture of mountainous areas in Vietnam, especially Mai Chau. The foods in this region not only guarantee you many special flavours but also allow you to feel the local tradition and passions deep inside them. Some of the best and most recognizable can be listed are: Steamed sticky rice, bitter bamboo shoots, ruou can (a unique kind of Vietnamese rice wine), grilled fishes etc. Moreover, you might find it interesting to taste the freshest corns or sugarcanes grown in every corner of Mai Chau.

Stop at the breathtaking Thung Khe Pass

On the way from Hanoi to Mai Chau, one of the highlights that should not be missed is Thung Khe Pass, one of the most dangerous of its kind in Vietnam, where you can admire a stunning paranormal of mountains in northern Vietnam as well as Mai Chau.
Once setting foot at Thung Khe Pass, you will be accessible to not only an ideal sightseeing spot but also a home to many Vietnamese ethnic families, mostly Muong people. Indeed, there are many local ethnic people’s shops there for you to discover including food stalls, plants shops, corn shops, souvenir stores – Nothing fancy but so interesting that you can’t stand to pay a visit to every little shop to communicate with the friendly ethnic sellers.

Experience Homestay in Mai Chau

One must-do thing during your expedition in Northern Vietnam is to stay at least one night at the Thai stilt-house homestay in Mai Chau, which will guarantee you a lot of opportunities to learn more about history, culture and traditional customs and taste one-of-a-kind cuisine in Vietnam.
There, you will be able to experience a simple daily routine like the local ethnic people do such as do some farming works, water the garden, feed the castles and poultries, prepare foods for the whole family. Besides, a lot of fun activities for Vietnam family holidays are waiting for you to discover like enjoying together the ruoucan, taking part in traditional dances.

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