5 Incredible Things in Myanmar You May Never Know

Rarely have you heard a wide range of destinations as captivating and mysterious as Myanmar, right? And of course, when looking for more of how fascinate Burmese culture is, this “Golden Land” remains somewhat of a treasure waiting to be explored. Fortunately, 10 following extraordinary things exist for you to keep in mind about Myanmar before coming there.

1. Someday in Burmese citizens' lives, they will make a decision to become a monk or a nun.
Being regarded as a predominant religion in Myanmar, Buddhism has made a strong influence on its believers. As a result, at least once in a lifetime, Myanmar people may temporarily become a monk or a nun for a few days, especially in major traditional holidays like Thingyan.
2. Over 2,000 stupas tightly packed into no more than a square mile really exist in a spiritual place.
Being approximately 30 miles far away from Taunggyi in Shan State, these stupas are celebrated as a marvelous ancient architecture at Kakku. Narrow passageways seem to have a tendency for inviting visitors to get lost among a mirage of sophisticatedly crafted spires.
3. Birthdays aren’t so self-centered in Burmese culture.
In spite of the fact that a large number of cultures all over the world adhere to a birthday celebration that revolves around the individual who is in their birthday, it is not often the case in Myanmar. As a traditional value, birthdays are a good period of time for individuals to visit pagodas as well as offer up donations.

4. Awesome Inle Lake's leg rowers are masters of balance-defying act
Interestingly, Myanmarrivercruises will quickly help you witness the biggest drawing in Inle Lake in Shan State named as leg rowers. This image seems to be extremely common among locals who usually earn a living by cultivating floating gardens and fishing. Indeed, balancing on one leg at the back of a small wooden boat while rowing with the other leg to get around is no longer a sight to see. It is exactly an art form.
5. Irrawaddy river dolphins are like supporters in catching fish effectively
Although tiny groups of endangered Irrawaddy river dolphins are discovered in a modest amount of locations around the world, the ones in Myanmar are truthfully extraordinary. In particular, these intelligent dolphins know how to skillfully cooperate with humans in an effort to lure fish into nets. Coming to Myanmar – the land of miracles with a view to admiring this kind of fascinating animal by Irrawaddy Explorer Cruise, how incredible your trip will certainly be.

Are you ready for being aware of something unique, walking among thousands of ancient stupas, or becoming acquainted with the common drawings of Burmese life?
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