Top 10 Must-Try Dishes in Myanmar

Burmese cuisine is influenced by the culinary of many Southeast Asia countries which is rich in flavor and made of distinctive local ingredients. 

1.Tea leaf salad (Laphet thoke): one of the most famous dishes of Burma is laphet or fermented tea leaves. They are served alone or used for making the laphet thoke – tea leaf salad which is a great combination of the sour picked tea leaves with shredded cabbage, tomato, fried tofu, some nuts, garlic oil and sliced chili. This dish is usually served with rice as a meal or simply eaten on their own as a dessert or a snack. 

2. Shan - style rice: this item of food takes its root from the Shan (an ethnic group of Myanmar) which is known as Nga htamin (fish rice). The dish has the main ingredients of rice cooked with turmeric, freshwater fish and garlic oil. It is eaten with leek roots, some cloves of garlic and deep-fried pork rinds.

3. Burmese curry: curry is truly the star of this dish, usually meaty base which made from pork, fish, shrimp, beef or mutton. In additions, the course will be served with several appealing side dishes including rice, salad, a plate of stir fried vegetables, a bowl of soup and a big tray of herbs, raw or boiled veggies. There will be a wide range of dips following from ngapi ye – a kind fish sauce to balachaung – a dry mixture of garlic, chili and deep  - fried shrimp. 

4. Rice in tea stalls: Myanmar’ tea shop is not only a place to quench your thirst with the distinctive sweetened black tea but also to taste some of the most exotic Burmese meals like htamin thoke (a kind of salad mixed with rice) or traditional noodles.

Furthermore, each tea shop has its own characteristics owing to the origin of the owners. Muslim and Indian owned tea stalls for example, feature the Southeast Asian – influenced dishes like the samosaas or poori (crispy fried bread served with potato curry) or nanbya (baked bread)   

5. Snacks: Burmese snacks are served in the morning and afternoon with tea. The sweet flavor doesn’t come from the sugar but from the coconut milk, grated coconut, cooked sticky rice and fruit. Some outstanding sweet snacks are has nwin ma kin (a small cake made from the mixture of flour, coconut milk, ghee butter and raisins), bein moun and moun pyit thalet (Burmese pancake).   

6. Fried courses: Burmese people are really fond of deep - frying stuff, therefore, almost every kinds of snacks from the street to the tea stall are fried. They are even topped some noodles with the akyaw - fried garnishes. When in Myanmar, you have to try one of the best examples of deep – frying food: the buthi kyaw. The course has the main ingredient of deep – fried chunk of gourd which is served with the sweet and sour dip making from tamarind and bean podwer.

7. Shan’s tofu noodles: Even tofu is in the name of the dish (“hto – hpu new” in Burmese language means “warm tofu”), it doesn’t include tofu at all in the ingredients but a tofu like porridge made from garbanzo bean flour. Marinated pork or chicken are added in the dish with the thin rice noodles and the sticky yellow sauce above. Shan’s tofu noodles are also served with picked vegetables and broth. 

8. Nangyi thoke: As a popular dishes served on many Myanmar cruises like Sanctuary Ananda, this  dish is a kind of salad based noodles which is served with fermented veggies and broth on the side. The rice noodles are thick and round topped with chicken, fish cakes, bean sprouts and hard - boiled egg. Nangyi thoke is seasoned with roasted bean powder, turmeric and chili paste, then mixed by hand.

9. Mohinga: The non - official national Burmese dish Mohinga is a bowl of rice noodles served with broth made from shallot and fish. To increase the flavor of the dish, you can add several slices of hard - boiled egg, akyaw (deep – fried food items), lentils, a few drops of lime and chili flakes. Moreover, this item of food can be found in every street vendor in Myanmar from the early morning to late night.

10. Shan noodles: Compare to other dishes in Burma, Shan – style noodles are rather simple and easy to eat. The noodles are flat and thin served with spicy broth and marinated pork or chicken. It is also supplemented with roasted sesames and garlic oil. A dry version of this dish is also common with the broth served as the side dishes accompanied with the pickled vegetables.

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