The Best Places for Check–in during Your Trip to Bao Loc

Bat Nha Monastery

Bat Nha Monastery is considered one of the “must – visit” destination during your trip to Bao Loc. The name itself gets a good impression of tourists. Serving as a sacred tourist attraction, the monastery is characterized by the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere and worshipping halls hidden in the lush pine forest. Visiting this place of worship, visitors definitely explore, engage in Buddhist ceremony, and stay overnight in the clean guest houses. Interestingly, the water used for bathing, cooking, and drinking in the monastery is taken from streams that are fresh and abundant all year round in the forest. 

Di Da Temple – Tam Hop waterfall

Located in Dang Dung Village, Da Ton commune, Bao Loc, Tam Hop Waterfall is also called Dang Dung Temple. The temple is 35 kilometers away from the center of Bao Loc city, so you just need to follow the Dam B'ri waterfall, turn right at Dia Tang Vuong flower plantation, then go further 5 kilometers to reach the destination. Noticeably, the temple is characterized by the unique architectural complex, the “harmonious” combination Buddhist, Chau Ma, and Vietnamese architecture. The inside of the temple features wooden stilt houses, solemn statues of the Buddha, etc.

As the name would imply, the waterfall was named after the 3 large water flows cascading from a height of 70 meters. Sauntering the waterfall during the rainy season and in the early morning when drops of dew still fall on the leaves, you definitely “touch” the magic of nature.  

Wind Coffee

Located on the Tay Son Street, Wind coffee house has long been known for its unique and creative combination of distinguishing styles of coffee shops.  The point is that Wind coffee house still preserves the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere though it is mixed by different design styles. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who love relaxing and immersing themselves in the private space. It’s worth mentioning that Wind coffee is set up by a young couple who are engaged in traveling, exploring, and learning to create a coffee house of their own. Visiting Wind Coffee, you should definitely give "coffee party" a try, a kind of special drink that promises to satisfy your taste bubs. 

Coi Rieng Coffee Shop

Coi Rieng once used to be a “leading – the – way” coffee shop in Bao Loc with ancient space and many impressive antiques. Nay Coi Rieng is currently expanded with poetic and romantic space amd the sound of murmuring water. Therefore, it intentionally enables tourists to immerse in their private space that can not be disturbed.  

Coi Rieng Coffee House offers a quite “abundant” menu that promises satisfied all visitors, even gourmets. It features peach tea, ginger tea, honey chrysanthemum tea, honey green tea or coffee of different recipes. If you want to find a quiet space for working, reading books, writing, relaxing, and sipping a warm cup of tea or coffee during the cold weather of Bao Loc, you should definitely make a visit to Coi Rieng Coffee House.

Address: 96/17 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Bao Loc

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