The Best Coffee Shops in Sapa

To meet the growing needs of tourism, a significant number of eyes – catching coffee houses has been opened in the amazing Sa Pa. Thus, you definitely feel free to grasp nice pictures to prove that you do make a visit to this charming mountainous city. 

Viet Emotion

Located on Cau May Street, Viet Emotion Coffee Shop is one of the most famous “check-in” cafes in Sapa. The front of the bar captures the eyes of visitors right they set foot in by hanging baskets of flowers or bouquets of fresh flowers. An ideal space of the shop are 3 small table outside in which guests can see the local daily life in Cau May and be immersed in fresh flowers at the same time.

As the name would suggest, the shop is decorated in poetic Vietnamese style. In addition to the porch that is highlighted by colorful flowers, the interior is also characterized by colorful lanterns from Hoi An. Therefore, visitors definitely enjoy the traditional significance right they step onto the shop.

It’s worth mentioning that Viet Emotion offers various kinds of food and drink.  Visiting the shop, you could enjoy both foods and drinks of Vietnamese and European style such as cappuccino, cocktail, pizza or salmon hot pot, etc. According to some guests, drinks and sweet dishes of the shop are quite good. The average price of drinks is about 40,000 VND (2$).

La Dao Spa Ta Van

Not only is La Dao a coffee house, it is also a homestay with 4 bungalow and a spa at the same time. Unlike other 4 cafes mentioned previously, La Dao is located in Ta Van, quite far away from others. However, the shop features a stunning view with large space and tranquil atmosphere that is attached to nature.

Characterized by large space, La Dao definitely enables its guests to hold panoramic views of the terraced fields, majestic mountains, and clouds floating in the immense blue sky. Additionally, this coffee house offers both foods and drinks, of which drinks are averagely priced at 1,5 – 3$.  It is quite reasonable for such a beautiful space.

Over the past few years, Ta Van has been a popular destination for travelers to Sapa who wish to immerse themselves in the traditional culture and daily local life. Therefore, it is undoubtedly an ideal destination after the long mountain trekking.

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