New Attractive Tourist Spots in Dalat

Of course, there is no shortage of stunning tourist spots in Da Lat, but for the reason of the new interesting destinations that receive a good impression of both locals and tourists, especially young travelers, I would recommend the following places. You might consider them if you plan to visit this charming land this summer. They surely give you unforgettable experiences and “eyes – catching” pictures to show off with your friends. 

Windmill  Bakery Shop

Located at the beginning of Hoa Binh street, Windmill bakery shop fascinates tourists, especially young ones by its name for the first time they step onto the shop. In addition, it captures the eyes of tourists with vivid yellow walls, an ideal place to grasp “virtual” check – in pictures. The high quality of bread is totally worth mentioning. A loaf of bread is priced at only 20,000 VND. Imagining that paying 2$ and you can have a full belly with a fragrant, crispy, and rich bread after that.

Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm

Vinamilk Organic Milk Farm is the first cow milk farm that meets the standards of a European organic farm in Vietnam. 35 kilometers from the center of Da Lat city, the farm is characterized by a vast lush green meadow, hundreds of cows grazing grass next to the huge windmill. Thus, it could be compared to a miniature of a country in Dutch. Visiting Vinamilk Organic Farm Dalat, you have a chance to visit the milk cow farm, understand the process of organic milk production, relax, and capture the beautiful natural scenery of the farm. How amazing!

Address: Lac Truong village, Tu Tra commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province. From Bong Lai Bridge, Duc Trong district, you just need to travel further 10 kilometers to reach the signpost, then follow it to get to the destination.

To Chim (Bird nest) Homestay

Featuring a system of rooms whose design follows the idea of the bird nest, giant pumpkin, love tunnel,..To Chim Homestay is without dispute a great place to stay during your trip to Dalat. In addition, the homestay offers a large garden, out door barbeque party, panoramic views of the surrounding from the upside down,.. so it surely enables you to fully relax after a long week of working and studying hard, and have unforgettable experiences with friends of family. Each room is priced 200-300,000 VND (10 – 15$).

Address: 1B Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 10, Da Lat City

Underground Hostel

Built right in the heart of La Phong Da Lat tourist site, the hostel includes a bar and 56 “underground” dorm beds that are suitable for those who are engaged in exploration, particular pack backers. Additionally, if you love to experience new things and stay at “one – of – all – kind” hostel during your travel, you should definitely give this amazing hostel a try.  The price of room fluctuates from 4$/ single bed/ person  to 180,000 VND / double bed / 2 persons.

Address: 45, Dang Thai Than Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City.

3D Gallery

Located in the Lam Vien Square, the 3D Gallery enables visitors to admire and explore dozens of hilarious 3D paintings such as angel wings, cat running around the fish bowls, mysterious crack wall, giant birds, etc. Therefore, it attracts a significant number of young travelers to capture “one – of – all – kind” check in pictures. The point is that the entrance fee is free for tourists of all ages, so you definitely feel free to enjoy these pretty drawing. Additionally, the gallery offers a monochromatic wall and a lush green garden to satisfy the growing needs of grasping check – in pictures of visitors. 

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