A Series of Pretty Homestays in Hanoi

Mei Hideaway, Ha Noi

If you are interested in the gentle and romantic architecture, you should definitely give Mei Hideaway homestay located in Truc Bach Street a try. Featuring rustic decoration and pastel colors, the homestay provides its guests with the poetic and charming space in which they can “escape” from the hustle and bustle of the city and set aside all concerns and worries of life at the same time.

Mei is currently offering 2 bedrooms, a common living room that serves as both living room and dining room, a small kitchen that is full of sunshine, and a balcony. Staying in Mei, you might feel as if you were at home which is characterized by lights and eyes – catching decorations.

Satori Homestay, Ha Noi

Spreading across an area of 16 square meters on Quang Trung Street, Satori homestay makes its guests comfortable by the cozy atmosphere and the necessary conveniences.

Featuring the simple but impressive decoration reflected by the selection and arrangement of colored walls and utensils, Satori homestay promises to capture your eyes right you get there. The homestay offers 6 bedrooms of which two of them share the bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a terrace serving as the common space. The charge of staying in Satori/ night is about 500,000 VND (25$) (including service charges). Additionally, the price of a whole room is 140 $ (2.8 million VND) per night.

Au Frais, Ha Noi

Located on the 9th floor of a building in Tay Ho Street, Au Frais homestay has not much popular with tourists. Stepping onto the homestay, you would probably be “overwhelmed” by the rustic space, cozy atmosphere as if you were at home. Additionally, the old furniture and unique decorations that are displayed without any rule or style contribute to creating its own significance right in the heart of Hanoi.

The homestay offers 2 bedrooms that are spacious and eyes – catching. The most distinguishing feature of this pretty homestay is the stunning Westlake – view balcony. As the name would suggest, the name “Au Frais” means "cool and airy".  Additionally, you might sip a hot cup of tea and coffee when enjoying the charming scenery facing you at the balcony. How amazing!

Lacaito Homestay, Hanoi

Located in a small alley on Da Tuong Street, Lacaito homestay enables its guests to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of the urban life to indulge themselves into the cool and quiet atmosphere. 

You might be curious about the meaning and origin of its name that is thought to be “La Cai To” (a nest). There is no exact explanation for it but it is still a cozy and pretty “nest” anyway. Stepping on to the house, you might definitely “ have a crush” on the impressive design and pretty decorations made of wood and rattan in the living room, bed room, or even the bathroom.  

Additionally, the “elegant” furniture such as porcelain tile floor, pillows of  the same color or a bedside table made of rounded wood logs contribute to sharpening the style of houses in European countries that you have ever seen at architecture magazine. Moreover, the homestay offers a small garden at the balcony for the purpose of relaxation. Imagining that you enjoy the charming scenery facing you while sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee, then, how wonderful your life is!

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