10 “Worthy - trying” Dishes at the Biggest Market in Da Nang

If you travel Da Nang, one of the most “worthy – living” city in Vietnam, you should make full use of your time to visit Con market. Coming to this street food paradise, you definitely enjoy various kinds of tasteful snack that promise to stir up your taste bubs.

Banh Tam (Tam Sticky Rice Cake)

There are a lot of food stands that offer the fragrant Banh Tam right at the gate of the market. The dough cake is rolled through grinding coconut to make it rich, sweet, and fragrant. Paying only 5,000 VND, you can enjoy this snack.

Banh Canh (Thick noodle soup)

Banh Canh, also called thick noodle soup is one of the most favorite snacks in Da Nang. Not only does it attract the locals but also captures the eyes of tourists. You might choose fried fish noodle soup priced at 30,000 VND (1,5$) or crab noodle soup costing 60,000  VND (3$). Be Ba food stand is highly recommended by tourists for the reason that the broth is rich, sweet, and fragrant and the ingredients are fresh and safe. 

Mit Tron (Jack fruit salad with pork skin)

Strolling along the market, you see a lot of food stands that serve the special salad of jackfruit and pork skin, also known as Mit Tron. This dish features fragrant sweet jackfruit, crispy pork skin, aroma of peanuts, dried onion, spicy of peppers, herbs, ..that promise to satisfy your appetite with the mouthful. A dish of Mit Tron is priced at 10,000 - 20,000 VND.

Oc Xao Dua (Sea snail in coconut milk)

Thu Ha Food stand is locally famous for Oc Xao Dua. The rich and tasteful snack definitely stir up the taste bubs of eaters by the fragrance of coconut juice mixing with the toughness of the snail and spicy sauce. The price per dish is ranged from 30,000 VND (1,5$) depending on the sizes of the dish.

Banh Cuon (Steam rice cake), Banh Ram

Banh Cuon is accompanied by Cha Lua (Vietnamese Pork Ham) and fried dried onion to release a wonderful taste in your mouth. Meanwhile, Banh Ram is made from basic ingredients such as sticky rice flour, green bean powder, and shrimp powder. The spicy fish sauce is indispensable to create a better taste for these two dishes. Spending only 20,000 VND (1 $) and you will savor these tasteful snacks.

Bun  Mam Nem (Vermicelli with anchovy sauce)

Bun Mam Nem is a typical dish of cuisine in the central region of Vietnam. This “mouth – watering” noodle soup is characterized by the smell of Mam Nem (achovy sauce) and the with the spicy taste of chili. Trinh's food stand is the highly recommended one by both locals and tourists who did give the stall a  try. The price of a noodle soup bowl is 20.000 VND (1$).

Bun Cha Ca (fish ball noodles)

The eyes – catching Bun Cha Ca captures the attention of tourists by chili and pickling purple onion. To make the rich, sweet, tasteful, and fragrant soup, the chief has to choose the freshest fishes and process stage by stage. Noticeably, this dish is served with herbs and salads to exclude the smell of fish and spice of chili. A bowl of fish ball noodle is priced at 15,000-20,000 VND (1$).

Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo (Dry pancake roll with pork)

To offer the tasteful dry pancake roll with pork, the chief has to choose ingredients carefully. The pancake must be frosted featuring the smell of rice. In terms of pork, it must be fresh, boiled and then soak in the pot of water so that the meat is tender.  You might give this dish a try at Ms. Ha’ s food stall which is recommended by both locals and tourists. A portion is priced at 30,000 VND (1,5$) per person and 50,000 VND (2,5$) per 2 people.

Banana sweet soup

Spending only 5,000 VND and you definitely enjoy a glass of tasteful banana sweet soup. This snack features the fragrance of banana,  coconut juice,.. that release the fresh sweet in the mouth of the eaters. Additionally, you might enjoy other kinds of sweet soup,  corn sweet soup for instance.

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