Tu Lan Cave : Explore the Home of Kong Skull Island Movie

Kong is the lord of Skull island, where there are majestic mountains, sacred forests and water. But do you know the land of Kong also has a magnificent overwhelmed labyrinth inside caves?

Tu Lan cave - stone labyrinth in the land of King Kong

Tu Lan cave system is located 70 km from Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, next to Tan Hoa minority village, Quang Binh province. The cave consists of more than 10 caves, each cave is characterized by its own tectonics. To come here, you need to go through a variety of activities such as stretching fields, forest jungles, wading streams, swinging ropes, swimming in dark underground caves.

Cross the green

Tan Hoa, a small village in the middle of the mountains, is the starting point for the journey into Kong's land: Skull Island. The trip begins with a 2.5 km walk to the Rao Nan River.

During this time, you will find a completely different "Skull Island ": tranquil, peaceful with a sprawling green color, just like the illustrations for the book The Green Lantern Kids. What you see is a grassy field stretching to the foot of the mountain, where there are grass-fed cows, far away from the green corn fields that are bending along the river. All lay peacefully in the embrace of the rocky mountains, creating a pale blue.

In the rainy season, when floods, water fills the fields. The valley disappears, only the mountains undulating, just like someone suddenly move Ha Long Bay from Quang Ninh here.

Walk along the grassy pasture, follow the cornfield, leave some purple wild purple clusters or virgin plants, the visitors will crush over the Ransen River. From here you start climbing 30 m of hills, jagged rocks, then move down the 100 m slope to the Hung Tung valleys, and pause for lunch at the door of the same name.

From the entrance gate Hung Ton, the sight to the horizon is still only a vast blue. This is a different feeling for the city youth who are used to seeing "concrete forest" on the buildings.

Lunch ends, your legs begin to be challenged by climbing Mt. Mango (150m), back to the valley (3km) and go to the camping area. Here, you will go into the system of Tu Lan, experience many unforgettable things in the "underworld".
In the stone maze

To explore Tu Lan, you have many choices: 2-day, 3-day and 4-day tours. If you are beginner trekking, you should choose the easiest tour, go for 2 days, visit 4 out of 10 caves belonging to the system of Tu Lang cave, including Tu Lan cave, Ken Cave, Kim Cave and Hung Ton Cave.

To go all this cave, you have to climb the limestone mountain to go up the roof of the cave, then go to the cave entrance can. The cave system is formed by groundwater, so it has to swim into it. Hang no light. Everyone wear a helmet fitted with a flashlight and a life jacket.

The first cave is Ken Cave. The campsite is located in front of this cave entrance. From the entrance to the walk, you have to swim in a cave under the cool, clear water. When swimming, be careful because underneath there are occasional rocks. You keep shaking your limbs for slow progress.

Feel free to float, raise your face to the ceiling of the cave, swim, listen to the sound of water echoing from the four sides, feeling the water pacifying while the cold soaked in each hand, admiring the fascinated stalactite stalks and see all the senses are stretched to enjoy.

Swim in, follow the limestone cliffs to enter the dry cave, the group will get lost in a stone maze and sunk in the stratum of the stalactites. The huge stalactites, sometimes sparkling silver, sometimes shimmer gold.

The stalactite is transformed in all shapes and sizes - in the form of a gigantic shell with soft, wavy motifs or rough skeletons like cactus, looking like mushrooms or cauliflowers, or huge pillar of the house, the steps with the perfect curve carved by the feat of nature.

After Ken cave, the next day the delegation continued to explore the remaining three caves. The route is generally the same: walk the forest road to the cave entrance, swim into the cave, explore several sloping and steep cliffs, in the last cave you have a 60 degree elevation.

Each cave has its own points, but when standing in the middle of a cave ten meters high, looming between a labyrinth of limestone, stalactite, sand and water; The only feeling that remains is the overwhelm - overwhelmed by nature, and overwhelmed by how small human is compared to this vast world.

To go to Tu Lan, physical strength should be guaranteed to be able to:

- Trekking through 9 km of forest and mountain with uneven terrain

- Climb 150-m high slope (height from the valley to the top of the mountain)

- Swim 100m in the cave

- Walk 1 km in the cave

- Have basic experience on jungle climbing

- Know how to swim

- Some other experience

- Time: Tu Lan is considered the most beautiful from mid-November to mid-September each year.

How to move: The system is located in the limestone karst mountains of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park 70 km. You can travel by sleeping bus, train or plane to Dong Hoi city, and from Ho Chi Minh city to Phong Nha (45 km). From Hanoi, you can also buy high quality sleeping bus tickets directly to Phong Nha. From here the tour company will pick you up. 

Acommodation: Depending on the length of the tour you choose to explore Tu Lan. You can choose to camp in the forest or explore the day and return to Phong Nha to rest. Phong Nha also has a hotel system, homestay which is very diverse and affordable for you to choose according to the length of stay.


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