Top 10 Pet Cafe's In Bangkok

If you are a devotee of all pets, you should definitely make full use of your time visiting pet coffee shops during your journey to Bangkok. They promise to melt your little heart right you step onto.

Bangkok features many cafes of the beautiful and decorative interior. More importantly, the bustling city is undoubtedly an ideal destination for those who are lifelong animal lover because of the collection of dozens of lovely pet coffee shops. The Gowentgo group of six young people who came to Vietnam a few days ago recommended 10 cafes for animal followers, accompanied by illustrations and comments so that they could be helpful to those who plan to travel Bangkok this summer.

1. Little Zoo Cafe

Housed in Sukhothai Ave 99 Muangthongthani, Nonthaburi, Little Zoo Cafe has captured the attention of visitors by the access to domestic cats, and even strange animals such as fox, mink, etc. Thus, you definitely play with these domestic animals all day long without being bored or tired. Don’t forget to take pretty check – in pictures to prove that you step foot in this lovely pet coffee house. Additionally, the shop offers various kinds of drink that are priced at over 120 baht and Western dishes of 200 baht per dish (1 baht is equivalent to 700 VND).

2. Klom Cat

Located at 544 Borommaratchachonnani Street, Arun Amarin, Klom Cat Café, as the name would sugguest, attracts tourists by lovely kittens and cats. Visitors to the shop definitely buy food right here to feed them. If you are a devotee for cats, you should definitely grasp your time dropping by the shop to satisfy your love for them. The drinks at Klom Cat are averagely priced at 100 baht.

3. Inu Machi Cafe

If you are a devotee for domestic dogs, you should definitely make a visit to Inu Machi Café during your summer vacation in  Bangkok. Stepping on the café, you will be warmly welcomed by friendly and well - behaved dogs of cute and nice breeds such as Siberia, Chiba, etc. The restaurant also features more Western dishes priced at over 300 baht, accompanied by a variety of drinks.

4. Makura Café

Housed on Srinagarindra Street, Makura cat coffee house has fascinated visitors by a mischievous and “fat” cats. Therefore, you certainly play and chase with them for the whole day without being tired or bored. However, the shop offers some drinks because of the small space.

5. HoPs Dog Cafe

Ideally located near BTS Siam Bus Station, Hops Dog Café, as the name would imply, is an ideal destination for those who are a big fan of cute puppies. Significantly, short-legged dogs of Corgi breed promise to melt the heart of visitors right they step onto the shop. The drinks of Hops Dogs cost approximately 150 baht, and green tea is a worthy - considering suggestion.

6. Cataholic café

Housed at  Floor 2,307, Sukumvit 39, Klongton-Nua, Wattana, Cataholic Café, as the name would suggest, is home to the “sleepy” cats. Visiting the coffee house, you might see them sleeping or wait until they wake up to give you a warmly welcome. The shop serves some ice blended drinks, toasted bread, and hamburger.

7. Heart dog café

Not only does Heart dog Café work as a dog coffee house, it also hosts events and activities of groups dog lovers. Additionally, the coffee shop features a small spa for dogs in which their “appearance” and health are taken care of. The shop serves local traditional dishes and drinks at affordable prices.

8. The Barkyard BKK

The Barkyard BKK coffee house has been famous for advanced services of dog care, including specific swimming pool and lawn. Additionally, the regular “guests” of the shop are carefully taken care of fur, nails, etc. Interestingly, The Barkyard BKK serves healthy foods and detox drinks.

9. Dog in Town

Housed at 16/1 Ekkamai6 Sukhumvit Street near the shopping malls, Dog in Town Coffee House has fascinated visitors by large dog breeds, Siberian, the smooth – haired and lovely dogs, for instance. These friendly and well - behaved staff definitely make a great impression on visitors right they step onto the shop.

10. The Animal Cafe

Located at 19 Le raffles Sathupradit Street and 24 Naratiwas Street, Bangkok, The Animal Café has captured the attention of both devotee and non-devotee for domesticated animals by rare cats, owls, birds, etc. Therefore, visitors might spend their whole day staying at the shop without feeling bored. The coffee house serves foods and drinks though they are not much rich.

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