The Charming Mural Villages in Korea

I visited the country of romantic dramas in the autumn days. The golden yellow of the gingko tree rows and the brilliant red of maple leaves were so beautiful.

One of the unique features of Korea is the beautiful village covered with mural as in fairy tales. This country has many famous mural villages, attracting many Korean tourists to visit.

Even in Seoul with murals Ihwa village, located in Jongno, the neighborhood just 10 minutes walk Daehakno, located on a hill so visitors can look at the city of Seoul from above.

Guests wishing to come here can take the subway line 4 to Hyehwa station, take exit # 2, turn left and walk to the end of the slope. The slope leading to the village Ihwa in the fall can make visitors feel attracted with the beautiful rows of tree, which is as romantic as the famous films of the kimchi country.

Besides, in the neighborhood there are many cafes, restaurants, eateries as well as hotels and guest houses. You can visit a small roadside pub, sip a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the lovely drawings of this village.

In addition to the famous Ihwa mural village in Seoul, in Busan, the second largest city in Korea, there is a famous mural village. This place was used as the background of many Korean film or reality shows.

The statue of the little prince and the grotto is one of Gamcheon's famous places, which has become very familiar to the viewers of Korean shows.

The village has a long history to become a popular tourist destination after being artfully refurbished in 2009. Gamcheon Cultural Village was built on the foothills of a mountain along the coast, also known Is "Santorini of Busan". Many of the alleys around the village are dazzlingly decorated and colorful with paintings and sculptures created by the residents of the area.

Gamcheon Cultural Village is located at Gamcheon 2 (i) -dong, Saha-gu, Busan. Guests can take metro line 1 to Toseong-dong Station, exit 8. From the subway station, cross the street and walk to the bus stop in front of the hospital. Take mini-bus 2 or 2-2 to go up the slope to this village

Along the walls of the village Gamcheon, many paintings with enough shape were shaped with small slats in enough vivid colors. The famous angel wing image is located next to a shop Souvenirs with many beautiful decorations.

In Korea, each season has its own beauty: peach blossom in spring, shade trees in the summer, gold and sweet autumn, white snow in the winter.

At any season, if you have a chance to visit the country of the romantic drama, spend time leisurely walk through the slope of the village of murals scattered throughout the country, to enjoy the funny picture and lively paintings fill the space, to relax, feel the diversity of life here.

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