The Best Places to Visit in Southern Thailand

Khaolak Beach

Khaolak Beach is just 80 kilometers to the north of Phuket Airport. There are many beaches to stretch from Phuket to Takuapa, namely Thai Muang, Bangieng, Khaolak, and Bangsak beaches. Among them, Khaolak Beach is the most popular tourist spot that features soft golden sand. It is also an ideal destination for those who are engrossed with pristine blue sea water and tranquil atmosphere. Moreover, the beach does not offer any bar and entertainment center near the beach, so you definitely feel free to enjoy your private space and pick up the fresh sea breezes. Interestingly, you can get on a boat at Thap Lamu port, Thai Muang District to reach Similan and Surin in 30 minutes from this beach.


950 km from Bangkok, Songkhla has been famous for seafood catch, the charming Samila Beach, and Great SongKhla Lake, where the Khut Waterfowl Park, featuring 140 different species of birds, is located. Songkhla is entitled one of the most beautiful coastal tourist towns in the south that offers Hai Yai shopping and entertainment center, attracting a large number of visitors from Malaysia and Singapore.

Koh Samui Island

Being considered as a “hidden pearl”, Koh Samui Island has preserved and conserved the pristine significances. The island is surrounded by smooth sandy beaches and crystal blue sea water. Thus, it enables you to indulge yourself into the pretty charm of nature. Significantly, it is Thailand's third largest island, in which mountain runs from east to west and crosses lush green hills. Moreover, the green of nature is also highlighted by coconut palms swaying in the wind and lush rice fields.


Trang, the charming landscape has been popular with both local and foreign tourists. Located right in the center of the province, Sakapangsurin Park features a large natural lake and a variety of animals and birds. Interesting, you can make a visit to the mountains to the east of Trang explore the rainforest and admire the exhilarating beauty of the waterfalls and caves. During the rainy season, daytime activities that are managed by native guides attracts a significant number of tourists. You might also drop by temples to understand local tradition and religion. Additionally, Kantan port would be an ideal spot for you to enjoy fresh seafood of low prices in restaurants.

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay has long been popular with those who are engaged with limestone islands. The bay is considered as an “amazing paradise” featuring 40 large and small islands. More importantly, these islands were naturally favored limestone columns of “unique” shapes, even up ones up to 400 meters high. If you are a big fan of the famous detective movie named“James Bond 007”, you might definitely realize the setting of the film, Ko Tapu. 

Koh Lanta

Unlike other islands, Koh Lanta island still preserves and conserves its pristine charm and natural significances. However, this place is becoming more and more popular to tourists. To meet the growing demands for relaxation, the northwest of the island serves as a crowded tourist place where you can be overwhelmed by neon lights, and find tattoo and tailor shops. Of course, you definitely indulge yourself into the pristine blue sea water and fresh breezes or even make a visit to the national park at Waterfall Bay, Bamboo Bay.

Sirinat National Marine Park

Stretching over 8.5 square kilometers on land and 13.5 square kilometers on the Andaman beach, the unspoiled Sirinat National Marine Park is undoubtedly an ideal destination for “full” relaxation. Stepping onto the park, you could definitely immerse in the fresh water and admire over 200 species of coral. Moreover, you also have an opportunity to see three species of sea turtles laying eggs at the northernmost of Mak Khao Beach.

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