The 2 Best Villages to Visit in Thailand

In addition to famous tourist attractions such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, ..Thailand has fascinated tourists within and outside the region with charming villages as followed: 

Ban Rak Thai village, Mae Hong Son

Nestled in the highest place of Mae Hong Son Province, just 1 kilometer from the Thailand-Myanmar border, the small Ban Rak Thai (also known as Mae Aw) village enables tourists to have unforgettable experiences right they set foot in it. The village is home to Chinese immigrants, so those who are of parent and grandparent generations only speak Chinese, and only young adults can speak a little Thai. Ban Rak Thai village is famous for the immense lush hills of tea trees. The village has just been popular with local tourists over the past 2 years for the reason that it is located in a separate area. Featuring vast hills and mountains and charming rivers, this place has been gradually made its name, becoming a stunning landscape for admiration and exploration.

To reach Ban Rak Thai, if you depart from Bangkok, you can catch a domestic flight to Chiang Mai then get on a coach (in 5-6 hours) to Mae Hong Son, which is just 44 kilometers from the destination. If you begin your trip in Mae Hong Son, you might go down the Highway 1095 about 44 kilometers, in which you can also enjoy the charming scenery along the road. In addition, for those who start in Pai, they will still follow Highway 1095, go across Thampla-Phasua Waterfall national park, turn right then go straight to Ban Rak Thai.

Additionally, if you travel by public transport, you might take the yellow bus departing 2 times per day from Mae Hong Son market to Ban Rak Thai village.

Primo Piazza village, Khao Yai 

Entitled "Little Italy", 3 hours of traveling from Bangkok, Primo Piazza village has been nationally and internationally famous for the picturesque significances.

Setting foot in the romantic Primo Piazza village, tourists might feel as if they were wandering around Italy thanks to pretty houses, golden brown walls, eyes - catching small benches, and the cobble streets of classic and romantic style.

Although the village is small, it offers interesting places for tourists to admire and explore. They are vintage-style souvenir shops offering various kinds of traditional Thai handicrafts and open-air coffee shops in which you can enjoy the fresh air. Therefore, you can feel free to grasp series of striking pictures to show with your friends and family.

If you travel from Bangkok to Primo Piazza, you might rent a car priced at 5,000-6,000 baht or take a bus (at Mochit BTS  Bus Station, that runs every 30 minutes) or minibus (at Victory Monument Bus Station, that comes every 2 hours) costing 300 baht per person.

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