Pemuteran – Admire the New Land on the Bali Island

Situated on the northwestern Bali island, the picturesque Pemuteran fishing village hasn’t been much familiar with visitors.

As an ideal destination for relaxation and nature admiration, Pemuteran was originally a small coastal fishing village. Undergoing a long period of development, however, the village is becoming an attractive tourist spot, which captures the attention of tourists within and outside the country by charming resorts built along the coast. 

1. The charming village

Pemuteran Bay is considered as an ideal destination for those who are engrossed with surfing for the main reason that it is surrounded by reefs. Additionally, you could definitely engage in the daily life of the local residents, particularly the fishermen, and enjoy the stunning nature surrounding the beach. In the afternoon, you see children playing football on the white sandy beach while the fishermen preparing for the fishing trip.

You will definitely be impressed by the friendliness and hospitability of the inhabitants, who always welcome with the word « selemat malam » (Hello). During your journey, you will visit a number of famous tourist attractions on the islet, Bio Rocks - a coral aquaculture, for instance. Noticeably, the cables running along the coast carries a weak electrical current to stimulate the production of coral.

The coral reefs on this islet were once badly damaged by the illegal method of fishing and climate change. Fortunately, coral reefs have been growing at five times faster than it was in the past thanks to this coral farming project.

2. The amazing sea world

Owning an ideally geological location, Pemutaran Bay is without dispute one of the best destinations for those who are engrossed with sea exploration. Moreover, if you are interested in scuba diving and want to experience diving in one of the most popular diving spots of Indonesia, you should definitely make a visit to Taman Nasional Bali Barat National Park on Pulau Menjangan Island. The park promises to satisfy you « thirst » of indulging yourself into the crystal blue sea water and explore the diversity of the sea at the same time.

Specifically, immersing yourself in the turquoise blue sea water, you would probably discover colorful coral reefs and sponges of various shapes and sizes. This is also the main purpose of many tourists to Bali, and they choose Pulau Menjangan to satisfy your needs.

In addition to various kinds of fish, you will occasionally see large marine animals such as white sharks, rays, or even whales. It is quite easy to participate in diving experience because a ship will take tourists to an underwater paradise of coral which stretching across over 30 meters. After enjoying the charming marine scenery here, you might ask the captain to take you to a more « separate » area in the north of the island to continue your sea exploration.

3. Accommodation

When the government approved of renovating Pemuteran to attract tourists, a panel of chief, scientists and some of the former leaders kept the hold firm of conserving the original fishing ground. The beach is divided into different areas, where the charming resorts are built. There is one thing interesting that these areas are not too crowded or dynamic compared to others. The offshore islands are the location of guesthouses, hotels, and restaurants which are managed by the local residents.

You might stay at Taman Sari, in which local culture and tradition are still preserved and conserved. Additionally, the eyes – catching Matahari Resort is a great choice for those who love to indulge themselves into the unspoiled nature. Or even, if you travel on a budget, you might stay at Jubawa guesthouse which is far from the sea. Moreover, Bali Re is also « worthy – considering » destination thanks to high-quality foods.

4. Transportation

Tourists can step onto the amazing Pemuteran Bay by many ways. Among them, the most impressive option that needs to be mentioned is the Antosari route going through the countryside. You might definitely follow the sea road but it is quite dangerous as the regular travel of the trucks on Gilimanuk street which frequently transport between Gilimanuk fishing port and ferries in Java.

Another route is to go through the lake on Danau Bratan Mountain, where the famous Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple is located. Following this route, you go through the midland towns of Munduk, a region famous for its cool climate, charming scenery and a great mountain-climbing destination. Whatever route you take, you will certainly admire the beautiful rice fields when passing Munduk and Danau Bratan. Surely, you will be overwhelmed by the exhilarating scenery that facing you.

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