Exploring Penang with Motorbike

The colonial buildings left will make you surprised with the beauty of combination between past and present in the ancient town of George Town, Penang (Malaysia).

The ancient town of George Town was awarded the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2008. You will be thrilled to cross the small streets to find the most famous mural in Southeast Asia, and admire ancient houses which are more than 100 years. There are two types of street paintings: visual deception and steel bending.

The most interesting way to explore every corner of the island is to rent a full day motorbike. On the major roads in the old town of George Town, there are many motorbike and scooter rental shops. Depending on the condition (new, beautiful bike and hobby), you can negotiate the price. If exploring the island's attractions, you should choose a motorbike for easy moving and gasoline saving, prices are not too expensive. You can create many "unique and strange" photoswith the famous wall paintings such as "The Little Boy on a Motorcycle", and behind the "Baby and the Dinosaur".

On the corner of Armenian Street there is an old street entertainer earning his living by playing a homemade instrument made of pots, kettle, milk cans, chopsticks, … tourists passing by ofte stop to listen to his music.

Penang was the first British settlement in Southeast Asia in 1786, so today it preserves many valuable architectural heritage. Among them are two typical houses of the Chinese clan with elaborate ornate motifs, including the Khoo Kongsi house and the Cheah Kongsi house.

The floating village of Clan Jetties was built in the 19th century by migrants from Fujian (China), and was once the busiest port in Malaysia at that time. Currently, 75 homes within the heritage range are protected. You can stroll on wooden bridges, enter the village, observe the everyday life of people. You can also buy cute souvenirs or buy specialty of the island.

The Kek Lok Si temple, a 35-minute motorcycle ride from George Town, is the largest temple in Penang and the largest Buddhist monument in Southeast Asia, playing an important role in the religious life of the Chinese community in Malaysia. Within the campus there are 10,000 stately carvings, Quan Yin statues higher than 30 meters with 7-storey tower, flower garden brilliant year round.

Balik Pulau is located in the southern valley of Penang Island. This is the place where Malaysian Muslims live. The house still retains the traditional style of stilts, engraved pattern on the wood doors are sharp, dark brown. Balik Pulau is a peaceful countryside with green fields and a long fishing village.

From the 60th floor of the Komtar building, you can take in panoramic views of Penang Island with the first 13.5km Penang Bridge in the distance. Penang is famous for its two bridges bearing the name Penang. The second Penang Bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in Southeast Asia, 24 km, linking Penang Island with the Malay Peninsula, saving time traveling between islands and mainland.

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