11 Street Foods You Must Try in Singapore

Fried dried crabs with chilly sauce, chicken rice, roasted chicken with soy sauce, and kayaks served with coffee are those that tourists should definitely give them a try and can easily find at food streets and markets in Singapore.

Roasted chicken

The fragrant roasted chicken with soy sauce originates from the North of China. The skin is attractive with the golden yellow and the meat is tasteful and fragrant that promise to stir up your appetite with a mouthful. Additionally, it is always accompanied by chili sauce to release the best flavor in your mouth.

Chicken rice

Chicken rice has locally been famous in Singapore. At first, the chicken is boiled in boiling water added in spices. Then, the rice is cooked from chicken broth. The amazing taste of this simple dish promises to tease your taste bubs right you taste it.


Laksa is also one of the « must - try » dishes when traveling Singapore. This tasteful fish soup is made from rice noodles and a variety of seafood, then accompanied by the special sauce of coconut juice and spicy ingredients.

Fried mixed noodles

Fried mixed noodle doesn’t have broth. It is made from rice noodles or egg noodles cooked in seafood broth, added with shrimps, squids, pork, and lard. The Singaporeans often eat it with chili sauce to tease the taste buds when enjoying the food.

Nasi lemak

Nasi lemak has long been considered as Singapore's typical dish with rich ingredients and « eyes – catching » presentation. Rice cooked coconut milk is put on green banana leaves, poured sambal sauce, then covered with dry fish, roasted peanuts, cucumber, eggs (boiled or omelet), or even chicken and seafood.


The mouth-watering salad of various fruits and vegetables, including unripe mangos, apples, cucumbers, papaws, guavas, etc. promises to tease your taste bubs. The special recipe of this salad is that all ingredients are mixed with a spicy salty sauce and fish paste, then served with fried tofu and crushed peanut. The great combination of all ingredients leaves a wonderful flavor in your mouth definitely satisfies your appetite with every mouthful. Moreover, thanks to its delicious taste, it is often eaten with jellyfish salad and shrimps salads to exclude the fishy smell of seafood.


Bakso, which is also called meatball soup, is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia, from street food stalls to big restaurants. Traditionally, meatballs are usually made from beef ground and tapioca, but also those made from chicken, fishes, shrimps, or even buffalo meat. The tasteful soup itself is processed from chicken or beef broth, served with pasta, bean sprouts, tofu and green onion. To enjoy a better taste, you might add some chili or chili sauce into your bowl.

Fried dried crabs with chili sauce

Fried dried crabs with chili sauce is one of the most famous dishes in Singapore. Crabs are covered with chili sauce featuring tomato flavor. When enjoying this « mouth – watering » dish, tourists have to peel off the shell of the crabs by hand, so you need much tissue paper. Yet, it is definitely worth a try.


Kaya is one of the most popular Singaporean dishes for breakfast. It is grilled by the charcoal fire, then served with kaya (coconut jams made from coconut, milk, and sugar). This fragrant crispy dish is usually accompanied by a cup of coffee and half - boiled eggs. To enjoy the best taste, I recommend you add tomato sauce and allspice in the cake


Murtabak is made from wheat flour, similar to roti prata (Indian pancakes). However, the filling of the cake features grilled lamb, eggs, and green onions. This dish is usually served with a bowl of curry to release the best taste in your mouth.

Grilled Stingray with sambal chili sauce

Grilled Stingray with Sambal chili sauce is one of the most typical dishes of Singapore cuisine. The outside of the stingray is covered with a layer of chili sauce, then wrapped in banana leaves and grilled.

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