Visitting the Ananda Pagoda in Myanmar

Not far from Shwezigon Pagoda, Ananda Temple in Myanmar was built in 1090 with splendid amazingly artworks of Buddhism. Traveling to Myanmar, visitors will see unique features of temple pagoda architecture at the Anandapagoda – a symbol for the immeasurable wisdom of the Buddha.

Ananda Temple

The most impressive feature of this temple are four tall statues of Buddha over 10m in gold plated in four directions. Among them, the two golden Buddha statues in the north and south express different facial expressions when viewed at different distances. If standing at the foot of the statue about 10 meters, you will see the Buddha face a bit strict and subtle sad, but a little far , you will feel the joyful face of the Buddha. And at about 15m, his face becomes cheerful, benevolent. Unfortunately, on the two statues of Buddha in the East and West, after a fire and renovation after that, the expressions on the face of the Buddha are not visible anymore.

Come to Myanmar, in addition to the four statues of Buddha, visitors will see 1,442 sculptures exquisite description of the life of the Buddha from birth, growing up, enlightened and into nirvana in Ananda temple.

With the annual festival held in November, Ananda Temple is becoming a pilgrimage site for many of the world's Buddhists. Travel Myanmar with us to explore and learn more about this ancient temple.

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