Update the List of Nice Homestays & Hostels in Da Lat

1. Indigo home Dalat

Located at 2/1 Khoi Nghia Bac Son Street, Ward 10, Dalat  City, Indigo  home is a quiet place, suitable for those who want to find peace, immersed in nature, plants, mountains and forests to contemplate the old.

In the morning at Indigo home, you will see the forest clearing itself in the early sunshine, far away from the sunlit houses, offering a sense of unspeakable peace of words.

2. Le Bleu

Le Bleu is not necessarily a hotel, nor a resort with many rooms or different room options. Each Le Bleu is a lovely little house with a lush green garden or a little corner with some trees. Le Bleu has a fully equipped kitchen for cooking. And when you choose Le Bleu, you will not have to share your space with anyone but you and your companions.

3. La Nha Homestay

Not far from the city center, La Nha Homestay houses is equally attractive with classic colors, combining the fancy space of the villa.

4. Tre's House

Located in a small corner on Vo Truong Toan street, at the first sight, Tre's House makes you think first is probably the question "is this hotel sure?". Not surprisingly, simply because the space is too hard to imagine, everything goes awry ... but it does look good on the look of art, an antique exhibit for example ... The four surfaces around the house are old things, recycled items, mostly wood and bamboo. One thing that’s probably unique at  Tre's House is beautiful garden, which looks like a farm in Europe right behind the house.

5. YOLO Camping House

With the desire to bring nature closer to your trip, YOLO has all 10 tents with many options for groups of 2,3,4 members, even if you are a loner you can still choose a nice little tent in the valley to embrace the sky. Here, you can tinker the tent door to enjoy the sunshine in the garden or the pine forest . In the evening, you can lightly close the tent door, and the space again full of golden light covering the room to create a sparkling area.

6. Da Lat Note Hostel

If anyone asks, why do you choose Da Lat Note Hostel among thousands of hotels in the city, the best reason is  this hostel is just beautiful and cheap. Away from the noisy streets, Dalat Note Hostel gives you a peaceful, clean atmosphere with an old "dust" house. The hostel is designed quite cutely,  the path as well as the terraces are eye-catching with blue, red, purple, yellow flowers.

7. Beepub

Beepub - is the name that represents the team starting the project, from the boss, architect, partner, or employee – all are very creative. With unique ideas, using all the recycling, unique design, people also want to find a unique name and from there Beepub was born.

8. The Circle Hostel

Located on the middle of the mountain in Dang Thai Than residential area, The Circle Hostel never seems to be less attractive for young people to enjoy picnic. The Circle Hostel is built on a land of just 300m², with 10 rooms arranged in a L shape. The space is just enough to accommodate a double bed. The bed is designed with small compartments for guests to store slippers and backpacks.

9. DaLat Otel (formerly known as Dalat Discovery Home)

With a total area of over 1000 m², DaLat Otel is built with a unique style in the form of round pipes, using sophisticated design, maximizing the room area. In particular, the bed here is also designed with automatic pegs turned into working desks. This makes it possible for guests to rest, work or surf the internet. DaLat Otel consists of 10 rooms which are designed and decorated with 6 colors corresponding to 6 colors of Google, creating a familiar feeling.

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