Top 4 Most Beautiful Beaches in Myanmar

Visitors are not only attracted by ancient temple temples withunique architecture, Myanmar is also a great place for those who love the blue beaches and watch the sunset quietly in the peaceful afternoon.

The beautiful beaches in Myanmar are mostly along the coast of Began Bay and the Andaman Sea, almost all of these beaches are facing the West, so when visitors come here, they will see the beautiful scenery, enjoy relaxing moments and magnificence of the sea every time the sun falls down.
If you travel to Myanmar, you should not miss the most beautiful beaches to experience the interesting things here.

1. Ngapali Beach

Ngapali beach is a suitable destination for those who have romantic soul, want to find a peaceful place with pure beauty. This is also the most famous beach in Myanmar by the poetic beauty with the white sand beach glittering in the golden sunshine glowing winding coconut trees.

Going to Ngapali Beach, in addition to swimming, walking and exploring the surrounding natural scenery, you also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in excursions to the small fishing village along with the local market. . And yet, you can explore the countryside with the convenience of small bicycles, and you can even take a boat to the magnificent islands off the coast for sightseeing. In addition, when traveling Myanmar tourists can also learn a lot of interesting things from golf on this fascinating beach.

2. Ngwe Saung Beach - Silver Beach

Ngwe Saung is a new destination on the Myanmar tourism map. Come here, visitors will be exploring the beautiful beaches that remain pristine and quiet on the Indian Ocean coast.

Silver Sea is very clean, this will be a pleasant relaxing place for you after a day exploring Myanmar beautiful country. When tired, visitors can lie on the beach, dive coral or take a walk on the island will make you more interesting and healthy. You can rent a car to explore this 15-kilometer long beach and drive on the hard rock areas and experience the fun here simply by going around the coast.

3. Chuang Tha beach

Chuang Tha is well known to middle-class families coming from urban Myanmar. The sand here is not white and the scenery is not as beautiful as Ngapali and Ngwe Saung, but there are some hotels that spring up. At the weekends or holidays, Chuang Tha is crowded with tourists coming from city.

If you come here on high season, you should rent a boat to explore the islands around it or to dive and see the fish below the ocean.

4. Kanthaya Beach

If you want to have a private space and get rid of the noise of the city to get fresh air and relax, Kanthaya beach will be an interesting destination for you. Unlike other beaches, the sand is yellow here and there is a bit of pebble mixed. On the beach there are also no beach sports or beach games and souvenir shops. This is a very quiet beach so this is the most suitable place for those who want to be quiet to enjoy the privacy of their space.

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