Phu Quy Island - A Jewel in the Middle of Binh Thuan Province

About 120km from Phan Thiet city, your first impression when coming to Phu Quy island is the wild scenery and almost no sign of professional tourism services.

Here is the experience after the trip to Phu Quy island that Peter Cao shared, so you can have some ideas for your upcoming trip. According to Peter Cao, as he wanted to have a trip as a backpacker, he chose Phu Quy Island to explore. 

We bought the boat ticket about a month ago. We arrived at the pier about 30 minutes before it leaf. We leaf our motorbikes in a local house nearby the gate and then went aboard.

We quickly found a place to rest on the boat. However, due to the strong sea waves, we could not sleep and hence decided to go to the deck to admire sunset in the middle of the sea. Such a 
memorable experience!

After 4 hours, the boat arrived in Phu Quy port at 20 pm. We contacted homestay owner and he picked us to his home to rest. In the next day, we woke up at 4:30 am to Trieu Duong Bay to see the dawn.

Sitting in a roaring sea breeze, I waited for the sun to rise. At 5.30 in the morning, the sun rose as my expectation.

From here, run up another mile, the flag pole of Phu Quy island lies between the sky and sky.

Ride the motorcycle back to the homestay, leaving Ganh Hang behindI woke my friend up and then we went out for breakfast, went fishing with the host. We collected so many fishes!

Back to the Trieu Duong Bay with my friend, we were on the green grass hearing the waves flapping, breathing the fresh air of mountains and the sea. No one can describe the beauty of Phu Quy island with only some pictures, because it is really great. From the green grass, we saw the rocky cliffs stretching to the sea.

Continued the journey to explore the island, we visited the Dai Mon Mo Thay – which is dubbed the tail of the dragon, overlooking the mountain Cao Cat is Linh Son Pagoda, where is called dragon head. Behind the Mo Thay is the dragon tail. There were some dams like the ones we saw in Ganh Hang. Leaving Mo Thay, I and my friend went up to Linh Son Pagoda, climbed to the top to admire the statue of Buddha from Linh Son Pagoda, watch the huge wind turbines, which provide electricity for the island.

When the sun sets, it is time to start the work of the locals. 

Doi Dua Beach is the place to watch the sunset and also a place to swim.

After the trip to Phu Quy, I can feel the authenticity of the people on the island, understand the customs of the island that I have not seen anywhere, enjoy the fresh seafood, hot porridge or steamed crabs...

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