Experiencing All that Vietnam has to Offer


Embrace Vietnamese culture and start by searching for traditional Ao Dai dresses. Take a look at traditional dresses without pants. Go for  a  traditional handmade silk dress without pants from eBay. This dress is made from high  quality materials for long lasting durability. Feel comfortable, look great, and wear it to your next cocktail party. Beautiful dress in a perfect fit, will get you compliments and be asked where you got it from, tell them eBay.
Search for traditional Ao Dai dresses with pants. Opt for a knee length dress with flowers across and below the arm.  Excellent option to wear for a wedding or special occasion.
Or go for a traditional Ao Dai in a hue color. Wear it anytime, look great and pick your favorite color. True fit dress and made  according to your measurements.


Protect yourself from the strong sun UV rays and get an Oriental Vietnamese Straw Cone Garden Fishing Sun Bamboo Adult Rice Hat. Ideal for fishing, gardening or walking around the city.


Enjoy a hot or iced coffee (cafe sua da) like in Vietnam and get a Vietnamese Coffee Filters Stainless Steel Press Dripper Maker Brew from eBay.  Coffee is stronger and full of flavor when you brew on  coffee filter.
While in eBay get Trung Nguyen, Gourmet Blend, Natural, Artificial Flavors. Great quality coffee, you can enjoy it as a great hot coffee in the morning and  cold coffee in mid-day. This strong French roast goes well with condensed milk. 


Fall in love with your beef  or chicken pho, make it the way it's done in Vietnam and get Vien Gia Vi Pho - Vietnamese  Noodle Pho Soup Seasoning spice. Don't forget Vietnamese Pho Rice Noodle for your beef of chicken pho. Make noodles your way with these quality rice noodles.

Make delicious soft seafood or meat spring rolls, Vietnamese style and get Three Ladies Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers 22cm.


Get into Buddhism, bring in peace to your home, and get a Vietnamese Vase & Plates Lot - Buddhist Worship Happiness Dish - Dapha Dai Phat.


Experience the Vietnamese myth and get a 14" Vietnamese Dragon Gong on Au Courant Stand with Mallet. Guests will enjoy looking at this circular and sleek dragon gong and courant gong stand.


Go for a historic Vietnamese Art Deco lacquered panel, featuring a girl fanning herself in the late 1940s.

Or opt for  a painting  full of color and opt for a Vintage Dao Hai Phong Original Work. An early and rare painting by Dao Hai Phong’s  “Light of Hope” portraying the end of an era. This will be a standout in your living or dining room.

Healthy plant

Add great flavor to  your favorite shrimp soup, and opt for a  Live Plant Sauropus androgynus, katur, star gooseberry, sweet leaf Vietnamese. This plant is   also full of health benefits.

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