3 Significant Festivals in Myanmar That You Should Experience

When traveling to Myanmar you will find that most of Myanmar's festivals are always associated with Buddhism. Today we will accompany you to explore the typical festival in this Buddhist country

1. New Year Festival - Thingyan

Bearing the spirit of Buddhism, Thingyan festival - the water festival that took place in Myanmar on New Year Days - is a very important and significant event for the people of Myanmar.

The Golden Pagoda nation (with over 90% of the population being Buddhists), Myanmar now still retains what their ancestors left intact. Thingyan, the New Year festival, also known as water splashing festival, is a significant and important event of the Burmese, bearing the spirit of Buddhist culture. The festival falls on the second week of April every year and lasts three or four days.

Burmese Celebrating Thingyan Festival

The festival is organized by Myanmar people all over the country and it is organized by splashing water on others. It is meant to wash away the dirt that has accumulated over the past year and to welcome the new year with the purity of the body and mind.

Previously, on New Year's Eve, people prepared fragrant water made from different kinds of flowers and leaves put in bowls or jars of water and placed in front of the house during the festival. Every day, a kind different kind of water cooked with a different leaf. Today, people no longer use fragrant water anymore that people use spray jet to spray. Passengers are wet soaked, all grief and unhappy and the dust of the old year will be no longer and the new year will be received by the purity of the body and mind.

2. Shwedagon Pagoda Festival

Shwedagon Pagoda - one of the greatest and most sacred pagodas in Myanmar. The pagoda is home to the annual Shwedagon Festival, a very important traditional spiritual cultural event in Myanmar. This festival is very significant and has a great impact on the spiritual life of the people here.

The festival is held in half a month with many activities, rituals, traditional ceremonies bearing the spirit of Buddhism. The Shwedagon Pagoda Festival in Yangon is truly a harmonious combination of Buddhism and the traditional folk culture of Myanmar.

Thousands Of Candles Are Lit At Night During The Festival

The festival is opened b a morning parade with thousands of participants in traditional costumes, walking on barefoot around the stupas in the temple complex. The gongs at the stupas corners of the Shwedagon Pagoda coincide with the chanting of hundreds of monks, creating an extremely sacred spiritual atmosphere.

Outside the temple grounds is a recreation area with a number of cultural performances, including traditional puppet shows and traditional dancers. There is also a food court, a fair, a display room and a trade of handicrafts and foodstuffs from all around the country.

3. Phaung Daw U Festival

One of the most important and popular festivals in Myanmar, especially in Shan Province is Phaung Daw U, which is celebrated around late September or early October in order to show honor to the Buddha.

A Competition In Phaung Daw U Festival
When visitors come to Phaung Daw U Festival you will see many colorful boats parading from village to village around Lake Inle. The most prominent of all is the barge with the yellow bird shape representing Myanmar mythology, inside carrying five small Buddha statue of the famous Phaung Daw U pagoda.

The Phaung Daw U festival lasts for 18 days and ends around mid-October, after a trip on the lake. This festival falls at the end of the rainy season, the weather is very cool and ideal for visitors who want to attend the festival, as well as explore the incredibly interesting life of people living around Inle Lake.

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