Top 10 Delicious Dishes around Hanoi Walking Street

Dried beef salad: Going around the Dinh Tien Hoang Street, take a short stroll down to the shortest street in Hanoi - Hoan Kiem Lake, and enjoy dried beef salad – the typical dish of the street. The salad is much loved by the diners because the sauce is not is not too spicy (you can add more chilli as you like), many materials such as beef tendon, grilled stomach, grilled liver ... Price is VND 35,000 (1.6 USD) per serving.

Banh bot loc - chewy tapioca dumpling: This is also a delicious item on the street. A plate is about VND 50,000 (USD 2), each cake is large enough to be cut in half, very suitable for just for two people  per serving. It is served with hot sauce.

Snail in Dinh Liet: up to VND 40,000 to 60,000 (USD 1.6 – 2.4) a bowl of snail for about 2 people but the restaurant is crowded, especially in the afternoon. Snails here are rated as fat, delicious and not gritty. Sauce is also the secret that diners can not forget.

Banh khuc – a kind of steamed cake, made by everlasting gnaphalium leaves, glutinous rice and green beans. If you like something hotter and stronger, you can go to Cau Go Street to eat the cake. This dish is usually wrapped in banana leaves and take-away. It makes diners love to eat thanks to eye-catching white sticky rice, fragrant green beans, fat pork mixed with the leaves. The price is about 15,000 VND each (USD 0.6).

Banh trang tron – mixed rice paper cake: If you are walking on the Le Thai To side, you can visit Hang Trong Street to enjoy mixed rice paper cake, a famous dish of Saigon, which has been in Hanoi for many years. It is 20,000 VND (0.8 USD) per serving, including rice paper, quail eggs, chopped coconut, peanuts, onions, dried broccoli, dried beef and squid.

Porridge ribs: This dish can warm up your stomach in the winter, it is easy to eat, famous on Ly Quoc Su Street. One bowl usually consists of fried chunky rice, porridge powder, served with roasted meat and fried cruller, price 20,000 VND (0.8 USD) per serving.

Pillow Cake: On Ly Quoc Su Street, there is a famous pillow cake restaurant, the aroma attracts all passer-bys’ nose. It is filled with quail eggs, minced meat, mushrooms, and sausages. Price is 9000 VND each (USD 0.36). In addition, you can eat fried cake at 7,000 VND / each (USD 0.28).

Fried nem chua: The Tam Thuong alley, Hang Bong street is famous for this dish with tens of stall selling it. Nem chua is deep fried, served with chili sauce, cucumber to reduce the fat taste. They also serve a variety of dishes like cheese stick, grilled fish, French fries with garlic and butter, quail eggs... One serving with 10 roll of nem chua is 50,000 VND (USD 2). Any one in their tours in Hanoi should not miss this dish.

Mixed fruit: although in cold season, the fruit stalls in To Tich street are still full of guests. A bowl  of fruits here includes a lot of fresh fruits like mango, dragon fruit, watermelon, strawberry, jackfruit, longan, yellow melon ... Price is 20,000 VND (0.8 USD) a bowl.

Trang Tien ice cream: At the beginning of Trang Tien walking street is the ice cream shop that you should not miss when you have opportunity to come here. In addition to ice cream, coconut cream, cocoa, the cone ice cream is the most favourite, which is VND 12,000 (USD 0.5) each. Others cost VND 7,000-8,000 each (USD 0.3).

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