6 Cuisines of Halong You Should Try

1. Squid-sausages
Quang Ninh squid sausage is one of the most famous specialty dishes of Vietnam. The delicious squid is made from fresh squid. It is manually processed, so that it is just enough to be sticky and crispy. Then the mixture is marinated with some pepper and fish sauce, moulded into pieces and put on the frying pan.
The squid is usually slightly fried, then before eating, you only need to fry it again for a short time. Quang Ninh squid sausage brings you the typical crispness and sweetness. It can be dip in chilli sauce to enjoy with some wine or served with fish sauce and pepper. Travel to Quang Ninh, don’t forget to buy squid sausage as gifts.
2. Roll cake, sticky rice with squid sausage
Because of the excellent squid sausage, Quang Ninh people think of many other variations from this dish such as rolls or sticky rice with squid sausage... It seems unrelated at first, but it is actually wonderful to eat sticky rice and roll cake with squid sausage – such a strange and delicious taste that unlike any dish.
Slices of hot rolls, aromatic fried onion makes you surprising when eating with the squid sausage which is both soft and crispy. This feeling is almost impossible to find in other variations of traditional roll cake.

In addition, sticky rice with squid sausage is also worth a try. Hot sticky pieces of rice served with pieces of crispy squid sausage, added a little fish sauce or broth is so amazing that you can eat more than a big bowl.

3. Barnacle soup
Barnacle, also known as sea acorn, often lives along cliffs, boats ... To get the barnacle, people often have to use specialized tools such as miniature hammer to relieve it from rock, break the shell and collect the inside part. Generally, it is not easy to get gut of sea acorn but so many delicious dishes can be cooked from se acorn, among them the most popular dish is soup.
It’s not difficult to cook Barnacle soup. We only need the gut of barnacle, tomato, sour tamarind, then add a little scallions, small spinach and some slices of fresh chilli to remove the "fishy" taste. Sipping a spoon of the soup with the sweetness of barnacle, the sour and spicy taste of spices, you will forget all the tired and soon you will be addictive to the dish.
4. Gat gu roll cake
Gat gu roll cake is similar to noodle or roll cake of Hanoi and it is the famous dish in Tien Yen area, Quang Ninh. This type of cake is the size of the index finger with white marsh, served with fish sauce prepared in a secret formula.
It is known that noodles are handmade.  Flour to make the cake is rice soaked in water and a little bit cooked rice. The rolls are typically soft and aromatic, so guest often eat a lot without bored.
The cake’s deliciousness is not only in the flour but also in the sauce. Usually the sauce is made from traditional fish sauce, with chicken fat, onions, chillies. Enjoying the cake with its special sauce, you will understand why so many people love it.
5. Ngán 
The seafood Ngán (in Vietnamese, it means boring), also known as a kind of clam, is the favourite dish of many people, though the name seems to be not attractive. Apparently, the appearance of the ngán is similar to clam but the size is larger, rugged, and the price is also much more expensive than clam. It can be cooked into many dishes such as steamed, baked, grilled, salad, fried rice noodles…
In addition to sweet meat of ngán, the broth inside is is also very nutritious, so people often tightly clamped to avoid dehydration while steaming. To steam or grill is a good way to cook, bringing a salty, sweet taste that can wake up the sense of your tongue strongly. It can be used to make salad with a banana flower to create a delicious dish.
6. Seafood noodles
If you think that Hanoi is also full of seafood noodle restaurants, why we need to go to Quang Ninh, I will tell you this: no matter how easy-going a person is, how we can compare frozen ingredients in Hanoi’s and fresh seafood from the sea.
The seafood noodles in Halong are extremely plentiful with shrimp, crab meat, fish balls, vegetables. A full bowl of seafood noodles is only about 40,000 VND (1.6 USD), enough to satisfy you. Not to mention the sweet taste of fresh seafood that you can hardly find in anywhere else.
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