Travel to Sapa Is Not Completed without These 5 Dishes

Coming to Sapa in the late fall and early winter days, do not forget to enjoy the famous dishes like the pork, black chicken, thang co.

Grilled black chicken with honey: black chicken meat is very firm and black skin is so crunchy when toasted. Grilled black chicken with honey is the dish you have to try when coming here. The whole chicken after preliminary processing is marinated with a layer of honey, grilled over charcoal carefully both sides until the aromatic flavour radiating. You can eat the grilled black chicken with honey in the food court area of Sapa town at prices ranging from 120,000 VND a dish.

Local pork: The small and special pig raised by the ethnic hill tribe people is also called “lợn cắp nách” in Vietnamese. It is only about 7-10 kg, raised naturally so the meat is very delicious and solid. The pork is usually processed into very attractive dishes such as steamed pork, the whole barbecued pig, grilled skewers... served with salt and green peppers and other special spices. The price is from 80,000 dong per dish.

Barbecue: A trip to Sapa is not completed without enjoying grills in the cold evening in a small restaurant nearby the night market. In this cold town, almost everything can be grilled and all are so delicious: mushroom and meat, chicken wings, egg, sweet potato... price from VND 10,000 per dish.

Salmon hot pot: salmon is highly appreciated because its meat is solid, delicious, low in fat, and high nutritional value. Visitors to Sapa are often hard to ignore a steaming salmon hot pot with tasty sweetness from bone broth. Fresh vegetable and chayote is also great to serve with hot pot. You can visit the restaurant in Sapa to enjoy the hot pot for about VND 500,000 (USD 20) per hot pot for 4 people.

Thang co: This dish is not easy to eat, made by the Hmong in a quite complicated process with horses and cows’ viscera and more than 27 different spices such as cinnamon, anise, cardamom, chives ... In every fair, the dish is cooked in a huge pot for several hours and served in smaller bowl when the guests order. The thang co served in restaurants is somewhat more simple and easier to eat, the price is about VND 30,000 (USD 1.3) per bowl.

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