Top 5 Must-Try Dishes in Quang Binh in Rainy Season

Tapioca dumpling, potatoes cake or mussel and rice paper wrappers are rustic dishes of Quang Binh that people usually make in the rainy season. They have become a favourite specialty of most travelers in their tours to Phong Nha area.

Tapioca dumpling

It is said that a visit to Quang Binh without eating tapioca dumpling - Banh bot loc - is not a true visiting. Open banana leaf covering the cakes, you'll see a red crayfish in grade flour (cassava or tapioca flour). Sauce is simply fish sauce and some chilli slices.

Brown rice pancakes

This rustic dishes is quite picky in processing. Brown rice is soaked for about 5 hours and milled by millstone, add some salt and a bit of chopped onion leaves and shallot, stirred up and then fried. Brown rice pancakes is often eaten on rainy days, or in special occasion when family welcome ]guests, no filling and served with vegetable and chili sauce.

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Tapioca dumpling soup

The soup’s deliciousness is mostly in broth made from pork ribs and fresh natural shrimp, so the broth is tasty without being fishy. The noodle is made from tapioca flour mixed with rice flour, powdered, rolled and sliced. When the broth boils, drop the dough in the bowl and ladled out. The noodle soup bowl with meat, shrimp, onions, fried fish ... is tasty and it is best when it’s still hot.

Mussel and rice paper wrappers

Chat chat is a kind of mussel in the river mouth. This dish can be enjoyed the same way with the Hue mussel rice. Chat chat meat is fried in a pan, added seasoning spices, onion and basil on top. When eating, we can use rice paper wrappers to take chat chat instead of a spoon – very simple but delicious. Chat chat is also stir-fried with young jackfruit and guise leaves – a variations of this rustic dishes.

Limber sweet potato

Khoai deo formerly was a way to store food of Quang Binh people to use in the rainy season, today it is sold to tourists all year round. Limber sweet potatoes are usually made from red sweet potatoes, and after boiling, it will be cut into slices, dried for about 10 to 12 days under sunshine, the viscosity of the potato slices depends on how many time people dry it under sunshine. Khoai deo is sweet and fleshy, you can eat it directly or cook some sweet soup.

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