The Attractive Destinations for a Spring Trip in Central and Southern Vietnam

Not only does Northern Vietnam has the famous destinations to play for luck in the early spring, the Central and the South of our country also have a lot of ideal attractions for a spring strip. Let's explore the great places right now!

Visiting peaceful Hoi An old town

In the Spring, the dreaming ancient town of Hoi An is the favorite destination in the spring of many tourists in the country. People travel to Hoi An in the spring to feel the peace in the rhythm of the people here, to see the traditional culture which is still intact in the houses and streets.
The Attractive Destinations for a Spring Trip in Central and Southern Vietnam

Walking in the small paved mossy streets, watching Hoai river slowly drifting with some moored boats, enjoying the smell of incense in the air coming out of the old houses ... tourists will have peaceful feelings which are difficult to find in other tourist locations.

In the beginning of the year, Hoi An also holds numerous traditional festivals, which are not only opportunities to pray for good luck, peace, but also the playground for entertainment and cultural activities of people during Tet. The most famous festival is the Cau Bong Festival held on the 7th of lunar January in Tra Que Vegetable Village. This is the opening ceremony for a new year harvest, praying for good weather, good harvests, and prosperity...

The festival is very vibrant with solemn ceremonies, the procession with flags, palanquin, gong and drum, the elders wear traditional costumes with silk áo dài and turban, women wear áo dài (long dress) and carry trays of fruits following the march through the lanes and roads in the village. The altar is full of fruits, cakes, flowers, sticky rice, and chicken. After the ceremony, the elders will analyze the chicken’s legs, if the chicken’s chest is plump, the new year will be good with harvests yield more than usual.
The Attractive Destinations for a Spring Trip in Central and Southern Vietnam

Also part of the festive ceremony, Cau Bong festival also has a lot of folk games, traditional contests of the vegetable village such as digging, making beds to plant vegetables, making traditional shrimp dish of Tra Que village, picking vegetables...

Attending Wrestling competition of Sinh village, Hue

Hue is the land converging culture and tradition of the old capital city, the place keeping many traditions, unique ancient architectural works and the home to bustling festivals in the spring. Many visitors choose a spring trip to the land of the ancient capital to feel a very different spring in Hue, to see the tombs, temples or enjoy themselves in the unique festival here.

Visiting Hue in the early spring, visitors certainly should not miss the traditional wrestling competition in Sinh village. This is the characterized traditional festival in Hue and has been handed for over 400 years. Sinh village, also known as Lai An Village, Phu Mau Commune, Phu Vang district, is an ancient village of over 400 years old.

The Attractive Destinations for a Spring Trip in Central and Southern Vietnam

Before the contest, chieftains in the village carry out the ritual of worship the Village Founder to express their gratitude to the ancestors, as well as to remind descendants of the merits of the ancestors and their responsibility to study and work to repay the ancestors.

The Wrestling contest attracts hundreds of wrestlers competing in the form of knockout with the requirement that the winner must make the back of the opponent hit the ground. Wrestling Festival expresses sporting spirit, encourages the youth to practice to have good health and enhance team spirit without caring about winning and losing.

Apart from the main activity of wrestling, tourists can participate in various folk games and enjoy the traditional cuisine of Hue. The Wrestling contest in Sinh village is famous and becomes a part of the cultural spiritual life of people in Hue; therefore, people who live far from the hometown always remember and want to go home to attend this festival.

Praying for peace in Giac Lam Pagoda (Ho Chi Minh city)

In the warm spring weather, people often go to pagodas to pray for luck and peace, pray for family love and prosperity. Giac Lam, or Cam Son Pagoda, a nearly 300-year-old temple, is the oldest temple in Ho Chi Minh City.

Giac Lam Pagoda was built in the 18th century, is one of the earliest temples presenting in Gia Dinh and still exists today. Giac Lam Pagoda was the most prestigious temple, where stores and contains lots of valuable materials on religion, history, and architecture.

Horizontal lacquered boards (engraved with Chinese characters), wood panels of parallel sentences, ancient worshiping tools are all hundreds of years old and there are 113 ancient wooden and bronze statues. The temple preserves so many precious statues of Buddha, in front of the temple is a hexagon relic stupa with 7 floors, in the front yard, the is an Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue.
The Attractive Destinations for a Spring Trip in Central and Southern Vietnam

The most unique landscape in the temple is the use of 7500 dishes arranged carefully along the West corridor, Buddha shrine and Ancestor tower. The temple was recognized as the temple with the largest number of decorated dishes in Vietnam by Vietnam Guinness Book Center.
On the occasion of the early spring, people flock to Giac Lam pagoda to enjoy the spring, visit the pagoda and pray for peace and good luck. Tourists coming here feel that their mind is refreshed and become more serene and softer. In the incense smoke, people express their devotion and gratitude to the Buddha, pray for a peaceful new year full of health and success.

Visiting Ba Chua Xu Shrine in Chau Doc (An Giang) to pray for financial fortune

Located at the foot of Sam mountain, Chau Doc, An Giang, Ba Chua Xu Temple is a place where many pilgrims came to pray for fortune, for financial stability in the beginning of the year.

Ba Chua Xu Temple is a beautiful architectural work with the shape of a blooming lotus flower, the blue tiled three-story roof creating artistic softness. The red lacquer trimmed with gold horizontal boards with delicate and sophisticated carved features and the 4 pillars in the main hall have still remained intact, and have not changed over hundreds of years old.
The Attractive Destinations for a Spring Trip in Central and Southern Vietnam

No one knows exactly when Ba Chua Xu Temple was built, but legend has it that in the early 19th century, a temple was built at the foot of Sam Mountain, its back leaned on the mountain, it faced the vast, immense plains. People tell each other that Ba Chua Xu Temple is very sacred, and therefore is the famous place to pray for finance, luck in the Western Water region.

Today, Ba Chua Xu Temple - Sam Mountain in Chau Doc is not only the sacred place of pilgrimage but also a very attractive tourist sight. In the bustling atmosphere imbued with the belief and faith, there are fantastic views from Sam mountain bringing refreshing breezes make people’s soul more fresh and balanced.

The spring is the season of the proliferation, and also the period festivals throughout the country. Lunar January is the time of the most festivals of the year. In early spring travel, everyone wishes to have good things for themselves and their families. Let’s choose for yourselves the ideal location for your spring trip and start a new year with many good things!

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