5 Dishes Attract International Tourists in Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Taco: Taco is the traditional cuisine of the Mexican people, the crust is made from corn flour then toasted deeply and many spices and other ingredients. Taco cake selling on the walking street is in traditional style such as Mexican pork, popcorn, chili sauce; Fajita's beef, bell pepper and cheese. Variations are with cow's style barbecue, kimchi, chicken or quail eggs and grapefruit ... You can enjoy this dish in the restaurant of Michael Bao Huynh - Jury of Master Chef 2012.

Churros: churros is a popular cake in Spain - a long cylindrical, small, deep fried until golden and crispy cake. They are then coated with cinnamon sugar and served with outside chocolate or caramel sauce. Colorful topping layer makes the cake cuter and more attractive to the guests on the walking street. Churros nuggets, peanut or eating with cream is the most popular.

Hong Kong egg waffle: A serving includes a “nest egg” with different types of side food such as cheese, sausages made from special machines. Diners can choose the flavor and type (crunchy or soft) as they like. The crust is soft and fragrant with eggs’ smell.

Taiwan herbal jelly: Taiwan herbal jelly looks similar to Vietnamese sweet soup at the first sight but it smells herbs, with ice water cooled from herbs, balls made from taro and sweet potato flour. Additional flavor variations include cream, flan, red beans ... which are the guests’ favorite. Prices from 80,000 VND per serving, relatively expensive compared to the snacks on walking street.

Korean ice cream sticks: umbrella -shaped ice cream, with fresh ice cream at two sides and enough tastes like green tea, taro, chocolate ... it should be eaten quickly as fresh ice cream is easy to melt. Crispy wafer shell is plus point of this snack. Korean ice cream sticks is sold along the walking street’s food court for 40,000 VND (1.6 USD) per stick.

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