Some Exciting Activities That You Must Try In Delhi

Delhi is a place which is considered as the tourist’s paradise. Be it the food-lover, history-lover, shopping-lover or the people of religious fervour, Delhi doesn’t disappoint anyone because here are so many things to do in Delhi. If you are done with visiting the historical places and palaces, do not worry. There are so many things left for you to try in Delhi still!

If you have time constraint, do not panic. You can always opt for Delhi same day tour organized by travel companies to make the most of your Delhi visit. Here are some of the ideas about the activities you might like to try in Delhi. Keep reading... 

Visit The Famous Museums Of Delhi:

Delhi, the capital city of India comprises of many enriching museums for the people out there. If possible, visit them on your Delhi trip. Museums like National Museum, Science Museum, Nehru Planetarium, National Rail Museum will make you learn some of the yet unknown facts regarding the history and rich cultural heritage of India. Do visit them if possible. 

Rock Climbing And Valley Crossing:

The Aravalli Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon offers a perfect getaway for the weekends. Here get fun-filled experience of valley crossing and rock climbing, monkey crawling and many other exciting activities. Try to start early in the morning in order to make the most of it.

Air Safari:

One of the most coveted things to do in Delhi, experience your adrenaline rush with the air safari that is organized in the suburb of Delhi. Get to see the historical city from the air and enjoy the grand view of lush greenery around you. The Paramotor Fight trip guided by a specialist is something you must try in your Delhi tri. 


You may not know, but Delhi has a surprising numberof Golf clubs, which are easily accessible and offer a panoramic view of a sprawling area of lush green velvety grass. The most traditional is the Delhi Golf Club where you can take part to enjoy your Delhi trip in a sunny winter morning. 

Kabootarbazi In Chandani Chowk

Another exciting place in Old Delhi to head out to. The Kabootarbazi Racing Sport holds the special pigeon racing competition that was invented by the Mughal Emperors. This is a lifetime experience to see the trained pigeons fly at a highest speed possible in order to win the race. Many people come to visit this vantage race that is quite popular amongst the people of Delhi. Do not forget to visit this place.

Qawwali Music At Nizamuddin Dargah:

The Traditional Qawwali music that is performed at the Nizamudidn Dargah every evening will take you to another era. Experience the time travel while listening to the charming Qawwali singers playing to their heart’s content.

Delhi has various activities that can occupy you for the entertainment of the highest quality. So, if you are planning for Delhi one day trip, do not forget to indulge in these activities to explore the city to the fullest. 

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