The Unique Bamboo Café in Dong Hoi

Coco café is a check-in point of many tourists to Dong Hoi and also a popular dating point of the locals. Being airy, cool with unique architecture are attractive features of this coffee shop.
Located on a sleepy road in Dong Hoi City, Coco café, however, still attracts both tourists and the locals. The structure is mainly made from bamboo. It is the design of a young famous architect with bamboo projects. This structure is divided into 2 parts with the café section and the bar section on two sides; the middle is the entrance.
The café is a stretching structure with airy space, next to the water. At present, it is a hot spot of travelers in Dong Hoi.
The system of frame – roof is made from bamboo, the roof is thatched creating creativeness and closeness sense. The water surface could harmonize the air and duplicate image which makes the structure become more sparkling.
The café is surrounded by a green garden.
The entrance of the café is quite simple with stairs to go up and down and decorated in folk style
The bamboo poles on both sides rise up and are curved into the arch, stretching along the length of the structure creating a unique, impressive space.
The interior of the café exposes the structure of bamboo. There is no wall on two sides; the space inside and outside is mixed together.
The shaping of the structure and furniture reminds to coconuts, coconut leaves as the name of the cafe.
The sitting corner under the eaves is next to the water bringing interesting feelings to guests.
The bar has a circle- shaped ground and located independently to the café in the left side of the entrance.
This structure is also located on the water surface. The difference is that this bar has closed wall to use air conditioner
The roof arch structure of the bar reminds coconut trees and drooping leaves
The layout and utilities of the bar is as gentle as the café.
There are low tables in salon style which are quite elegant.
In the garden surrounding the café, there are also green bamboo trees which remind the unique materials of the structure.
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