Explore Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung Monastery in Myanmar

As a stopover of many visitors, Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung also holds their foot back longer than they think by the exciting life of the boy in the dark red robe.

Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung  was built almost entirely of wood combined with cement stairs in the style of stilt houses. The small monastery located right on the road from Pindaya Cave to Inle Lake consists of two buildings, one is the main hall for the monks to live and learn, and one for them to sleep and eat.

It is easy to recognize that the facade of monastery with two oval windows is in the center and four other windows are on two sides. Under the floor are the wooden poles on the cement floor.

Not being decorated in picky way like Shwenandaw in Mandalay, Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung attracts tourists by the simplicity and ancientness of time and poverty.

After leaving school, the boys - monks gather around the doorway to have fun
Some gather at the balcony

The young monks do not talk much with tourists but they are very friendly.

The lunch bell rings urgently, all in hurry to bring their black painted bowl towards the eating house - an empty house with several low tables spread by bamboo mat.

The meal takes place in silence, occasionally some mischievous boys lean across the table to tease his friends.

After little monks ate more than half of the meal, a group of elderly monks sit at a table at a corner to eat. After finishing, each person carries his bowl to wash and store it at his own room.
The boy with the bell signaling lunch

The monks carry their bowl to the kitchen
Lunch at Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung Monastery
The doorways which have been boisterous by smiles, crossing bodice now become sleepy and quiet, as no one had ever appeared on the door frame.

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