Explore the Japanese –Style Garden at Zen Garden Coffee in Dalat

Zen Garden Coffee is one of interesting cafes with beautiful and impressive style in Dalat which draws the attention of many young people.

Travelling to Dalat, you should visit Zen Garden Coffee to feel a space combining coffee and natural landscape designed in the Japanese style of meditation garden.

 Zen Garden Coffee is an ideal place for meetings with friends and families or simply for a cup of coffee with your favorite book.

The garden at Zen Garden Coffee has everything from trees to a small bridge or pieces of wood used as tables or chairs and intentionally arranged to create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

The meticulously cobbled walkways hugging the small stream will bring you an enjoyable experience.

There are many kinds of trees planted harmonically in the garden including Japanese or Canadian orchids. This brings a unique imprint which cannot be found anywhere else.

Visiting this place, you will be immersed into the miniature painting of a Japanese garden, immersed in nature and relax after the fatigue of daily life.

In the garden, there is also a room with the harmonious combination between modernity and tradition with its own delicacy from ceiling light to tables and chairs- all in European style, which offers comfort when chatting with friends or relatives.

With the design of open glass space, at any corner you will also admire the beauty of Zen Garden Coffee.

Coming to Zen Garden Coffee, you not only find a great space for your own but also enjoy cups of coffee using 100% renowned Cau Dat coffee, processed in clean technique.

It will be a perfect space for a gentle beginning of a new day

A cup of black coffee with green tea cookie for those who love the flavor of this traditional coffee
In addition, there are many kinds of smoothie and other beverages processed from fresh fruits and imported materials without toxic chemicals. Herbal tea is also made from natural fruits to ensure the health and relaxation for travelers to Zen Garden Coffee.

The main entrance of Zen Garden Coffee is located at 65 Tran Nhat Duat Street, Ward 5, Dalat City and side entrance at No. 27 Tran Binh Trong Street, Ward 5.

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