Explore beautiful coral reefs under the sea in Binh Thuan

Hon Cau Island (or Cau Isle) belongs to the Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province. The world under the sea surrounding the island is a character of tropical marine ecosystems, with colorful coral reefs and diverse fauna.

Hon Cau has many advantages in terms of biodiversity, with coral areas, reefs, sea grass, and sandy bottom. It was planned as a marine protected area in Vietnam by the 2020.

Coral reefs and sea grass bed of Hon Cau are considered the most productive ecosystems.

It is also well-known for the rich marine resources, and is the breeding ground of many species of valuable seafood.

The pristine coral population stretched over 2 km long with nearly 234 kinds of coral.

You just have to dive a few meters into the sea to easily admire the diverse and colorful coral reefs.

The coral world appears shimmering and gorgeous in the lights refracted through the blue water.

There are 34 rare water species at many levels inhabiting in the waters surrounding the Hon Cau Island.

Many rare animal species such as turtles, sea turtles, and many species of fish... also choose this area as a place to mate and lay their eggs.

This has added significant fishery resources for the waters around the island of Hon Cau.

Tuy Phong District is located around 8km from Phan Thiet City. To visit Hon Cau, guests can rent boats of fishermen, or use the services of travel companies, with the glass bottom boats (the larger ones compared to canoes). If you want to cam or spend the night on the island, it is necessary to register in advance with the authorities and the border guards of Hon Cau.

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