Delicious and Cheap Specialties in Phu Quoc Island

Travelling to Phu Quoc, you will not only admire tranquil scenery but also enjoy delicious and cheap specialties in the island.

1. Moon Crab

Moon crabs is the rarest specialty of Phu Quoc Island. The dark red circles mixed with fresh pink on the shell of crabs look like a moon. That’s why it is called moon crab.

Moon crabs hide in rock gully and corals, famous for its tasty and tight meat, especially when the moon rises. Crabs are steamed or grilled on the charcoal, then served with pepper and lemon. The meat of crabs is so tasty that you will remember forever if you try once.

The price ranges from 9 – 13 USD per kilograms.

2. “Huynh de”crabs

“Huynh de”crabs are pink with square- shaped shell. The head of the crabs is long, pincers are short. This kind of crabs is most popular in December lunar calendar.

“Huynh de”crabs can be processed by many ways such as steaming, charcoal grilling or cooking soup.

The selling price is around 22 USD/kg.

3. Lobsters

Diving to catch lobsters is the traditional job of fishers. Lobsters have sweet and tight meat with brittle tendons. It is a hard – to – be – missed dish when visiting Phu Quoc Island.

This specialty is sold at the wharf or local seafood restaurants. There are many processing way to enjoy tasty flavor of lobsters such as steaming, grilling, making salad, making soup, etc.

The price for small ones is around 31 USD/ kg and 45 USD/kg for big ones.

4. Red groupers

This kind of fish is considered the number one in terms of the tightness and sweetness of the fish meat with the natural aroma.

The fish is steamed with gingers, minced onions, and soy. When it is cooked, there will be a brittle skin layer, white meat and fragrant flavor. In addition, grouper fish fried with tamarind sauce is also a very attractive option for tourists.

The price is around 13 USD/kg (fed fish), 30 USD/kg (natural fish)

5. Cotton groupers

Cotton groupers in Phu Quoc Island are fresh with plump body. Cotton groupers only eat alive prey such as shrimps, crabs. It is often cooked sour soup or fried with eggplant, star fruit or coriander.
This quaint dish with the tight and supple, aromatic flavor of fish skin will surprise you.
The price is around 11 USD/kg.

6. Hai sam (holothurians)

According to fishers, there are about 100 types of hai sam, but only 10 of them are able to be recognized. Hai sam is a precious and expensive dish because it provides a high level of nutrition but also functions as a tonic. Hai sam is often cooked with traditional herbs, squab meat, chickens, cow legs, deer tendon.

The price ranges from 11 – 27 USD/ one (around 0,7- 1,5 kg).

7. Mackerel

Phu Quy Island is also known as Thu isles because there are a lot of mackerel here. Mackerel on the island is specially tasty and processed into many dishes with distinctive flavor.

The price of mackerel in Phu Quy Island is around 10 USD/ kg.

8. Phu Quy Beef

Phu Quy is also well known for its hot beef. Cows in Phu Quy are fed naturally so they have soft and sweet meat.

Phu Quy has the price of about 9 USD/kg.

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