Contemplate the sparkling sunset on Co To Island

Going to Co To Island, with the immense sea sunset which is unlike the clear light of the new sun at dawn.

Co To is a famous tourist island located off the coast of Quang Ninh. From the port of Van Don, visitors can go timber ship or hydrofoil to the island. Besides swimming, watching the sunset is one experience not to be missed in this island.

The Island has many ideal point beach watching the sunset as Hong Van, floating or lighthouse Co To.

More common is the beach near the town center. When evening comes, you can enjoy a walk on the beach or bathing sandy path love nearby and waited until sunset.

It is time visitors can learn more about the lives of fishermen on the island.

In the summer, the sun sets quite late normally. From 17:30, the sky will gradually shift from blue to pink, then orange brilliant. The late day sun shone sparkling gold, pours shining sea surface created as inlaid silver flakes.

The boat docked around the coast brings peaceful beauty, very characteristic for sunset Co To. This is also the time for those who love photography-based songwriting endless inspiration immense sea.

From Hanoi, you can take a bus late in the afternoon at the My Dinh, Luong Yen bus station, then stay overnight at Van Don and take a boat early the next morning to Co To. Should take about 2 days to explore the island and have time off to experience romantic sunset here.

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