The Ultimate Nightlife Guide For a One-Day Visit to Pune, India

Fun is an essential element you cannot leave out from your life. You should always be ready to experience new things in life and the best way to do that is by travelling. Travelling is fun and gives you a lot to learn about the cultures and way of life of people from different backgrounds and cultures. This article talks about a short and fun visit to Pune.

The parameters of the term ‘nightlife’ is not only bound to nightclubs. Nightclubs and rave parties may be regarded as the ultimate nightlife experience, however it differs from person to person. Sweating and dancing your heart out on the dancefloor may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may experience the same thrill and pleasure by drinking their night away with people they are comfortable with and talking and debating about common interests. The perfect example that can be drawn from two neighbouring cities on their approach of nightlife are Mumbai and Pune. These two neighbouring cities see contrasting pattern of what they perceive as ‘nightlife’. Pune enjoys a more mellow approach whilst Mumbai loves to party hard all through the night. If you have already experienced nightlife in Mumbai, take a Mumbai to Pune taxi and experience the nightlife in its neighbouring city.

Up until recently, there was little or nightlife in Pune, however the city has now started seeing pubs and bars mushrooming up in various parts of the city. This growing trend owes credit to the growing number of youngsters in the city who began settling in Pune for their studies and professional work. A few nightclubs have started coming in the city and is a huge hit amongst the youngsters however it is the pubs and bars that still dominate the nightlife scene in the city. If your visit to Pune from Mumbai is just for a one night affair, then you ought to choose the place carefully. There are many pretentious new places that have come up in the city that seem all glitzy and fancy on the outside however the experience will make you rate them 1/5 stars. Here are two places you can visit in Pune depending on whether you are looking for a mellow approach or a more upbeat place.

One of the first places that stood out from the pack during the craze and hype about nightlife in Pune is the Oak Lounge. Oak lounge is a decent place to hang out with friends. Although a good number of pubs and bars have come up since its launch, this place maintains it loyal clientele list and remains busy every weekend. It is one of those places where people even after partying somewhere else, come back to in the end to close the night with some drinks at this place. Such is the loyalty of the regular clienteles there. Serving everything from lagers and premium beers, scotch, bourbon, whiskey and exciting list of cocktails and mocktails, Oak lounge is definitely a safe choice to pick from if you just have a single night to spend in Pune and want that perfect place to loosen up after a long tiring day. The crowd is decent and membership cards are issued for the regulars.

Another popular place in Pune is Area 51. The standout feature of this place is the revolving pattern of its structure. Yes, the club revolves! It is India’s first of its kind and was built by the Panoramic group. This place is set on the edge of Pune along the Baner Hills. The ambience is overwhelming and interior decors nothing short of magnificent. Again, if you have just one night in Pune and want to make most of it and you want something a little more upbeat and different than what Oak Lounge has to offer, don’t think twice, pick this place. You can always choose not to hit the dancefloor but just visit for the one of a kind experience the club offers.

Whichever of the two you choose from to experience Pune's nightlife, it will not leave you feeling disappointed. The short Mumbai to Pune distance gives you that window to quickly escape to Pune for a day despite your work and personal obligations and pay a fleeting visit to this city. So what are you waiting for?

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