Three Campsites to Welcome Summer Sunlight

After days of drizzle, surely you want to be right somewhere full of sunny and cool wind. Dong Cao plateau, Co To Island and Ly Son will be the appropriate choices for you

Camping Tourism is one of the favorite activities of the youth because it is not only the private space but also the opportunity to manually prepare everything for a real picnic.

Dong Cao plateau, Bac Giang

Between the desolate mountains, Dong Cao is green and outstanding with low hills creating a special scene. Plateau is very “generous” with sun and wind. It is very lively and attractive with grass, twinkle stars, the sound of frog, the voice of insects and fun story of young friends around the flickering fireplace. When the night falls, the wind constantly lull you to the sleep.

Three Campsites to Welcome Summer Sunlight

How to travel: From Hanoi to Chu, the provincial road of Hanoi- Bac Giang runs through the litchi gardens. At the road turning left into Dong Bam, you dive about 15 km from here deep into the quiet and sparse land. Drive another 5 km on the dirt road, you will come to Dong Cao. You can travel by motorcycle or car.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 days.

Note: You can start in Saturday afternoon, come early when the sky is still bright to set up camp, sleep one night in the plateau and go back to Hanoi on Sunday. You should bring full tents, sleeping bags, blankets, flashlight, stoves because the nigh on the plateau is cold. Additionally, clean debris before leaving. This area is quite remote from the residence and there is no fresh water, you have to self-carry.
Three Campsites to Welcome Summer Sunlight

Co To water waves, Quang Ninh

Co To Island has three beaches: Uncle Ho Beach is just in the entrance to the island, you can see this 15 km long beach stretching to the end of the island from port jetty. This beach has large waves and a very beautiful path that runs along the Casuarina forest. Hong Van beach, 8 km from the town, is considered the most beautiful beach with blue sea. Van Chai Beach is in end of the island. This is the most wonderful place to see the sunset over the island. Small Coto island is also very interesting, you can go to and return during the day.

Three Campsites to Welcome Summer Sunlight

How to get there: You catch a car from Hanoi to the port of Van Don, Quang Ninh, where is about 220 km from Hanoi, the travel time is about 4-5 hours. In Van Don port, you get the high-speed train departing at 7am, after nearly two hours of sailing, you will reach the island.

Duration: 5 days and costs around 3 million VND

Note: The food on the island is not rich and does not have many categories, so if you take large groups, you should buy and carry food from home. Seafood can be purchased in Coto market. In the evening, there are a lot of mosquitoes on the beach, remember to bring accessories and medicines to avoid them. The night is cold, therefore, you should pitch the tents in lee area. If you do not have enough tents and lights at night, you can rent on the island.
Three Campsites to Welcome Summer Sunlight

Ly Son, Quang Ngai

The end of the island close to Duc temple is an ideal campsite which is both shadowed by a lot of trees and lee. The small Ly Son Island is paradise for wild camps with rocks deepening on the beach forming natural corners, the beautiful curved beach, so clear water that we can see the sea bottom and sky blue colors. The ridges also create charming corners to avoid the sun.

Three Campsites to Welcome Summer Sunlight

How to travel: You can travel from Hanoi to Danang by plane, the by car from Da Nang to Quang Ngai, and continue to take the bus to Sa Ky port. Sleeping a night on My Khe beach, you can take a boat to Ly Son island at 7am of the next morning. The travel time is about 1 hour and a half and there is only 1 departure/ day. In the rainy days, the marina is closed at any time.
Three Campsites to Welcome Summer Sunlight

Time: 5 to 7 days and costs about 5 million VND

Note: Remember to bring sufficient food, water and basic supplies if you intend to camp. Food and drink on the island is cheap, delicious seafood include “breast” snails, squid,... Ly Son Island has no fresh water; therefore, you have to carry the water from the land. Bring tents, blankets and the necessary camping tools.

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