Phu Quy Island Travel Guide

Going to Long Hai fish market early in the morning to see fishing boats docked or visiting Hon Hai to learn about the boats fishing shark… are not to be missed experiences while travelling to Phu Quy island.

Phu Quy Island Travel Guide
Phu Quy Island (Thu islet, Khoai Xu islet) is a beautiful island of Binh Thuan. 

Phu Quy Island (Thu islet, Khoai Xu islet) is a beautiful island of Binh Thuan. The beauty of Phu Quy island enchants backpackers by its pure beaches, colorful coral reef and the fresh, cool air. If you intend to visit Phu Quy island in the next few days, you can refer to the following itinerary.

Estimated time: 3 days 2 nights

Means of transport

You may travel to Phan Thiet by train or car of high quality from Saigon. Train tickets cost around 170,000 dong and bus ticket costs VND 130,000. From the port of Phan Thiet, you continue to go on a journey of 110 km by boat in the sea to reach Phu Quy island.
Phu Quy Island Travel Guide
Phu Quy island overview
Boats going to Phu Quy island usually depart at 8am and 11am every day, but in case of bad weather and rough seas, the schedules can be changed, so you need to ask and update the information to not to miss the schedule. Boats going to the island are often quite crowded, many people spread out mats and disorderly lie on them, so you’d better go out to get some fresh air and take photos.

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Entertainment and eating

Visiting Phu Quy Island, you can explore the island, make a camp fire, walk on the beach or fishing squid, shrimp. Although Phu Quy island is still quite primitive, the essential services such as food and drink are available.

You can have breakfast in the house of fishermen in Tam Thanh, Long Hai, Dong Hai, Ngu Phung fishing villages. For lunch, you can go to the port to buy seafood and as local people to cook, food is both delicious and cheap. In the evening, you can drink coffee, chat with friends, enjoy a bit of cool air on the island and visit night market to enjoy rustic dishes such as rice spaghetti (cooked with shrimp, crab or meat), rice pancakes, flat bread ...
Phu Quy Island Travel Guide
Many boats, the main traffic of Phu Quy Island
Coming to Phu Quy island, you can not ignore the special seafood, moon crab, whose shell has many bold red- pink circles. This type of crab has delicious meat, especially in the period of rising moon. Crab moon is the seafood lurking in the coral reefs around the island. Moon crab is generally steamed or grilled and dotted in pepper lemon salt.
Phu Quy Island Travel Guide
Phu Quy island sea-food

Motorbike rental service is available on Phu Quy island with 100,000 dong/ vehicle/ day; therefore, so you can wander about enjoying beautiful sceneries all over the island.

Tourist attractions

Long Hai fish market: In the morning, Long Hai fish market is very busy, fishing boats continuously dock. You will see countless rare seafood, there are snails which are bigger than a hand and are very heavy. Seafood in Long Hai fish market has quite cheap price while quality and taste are irresistible.

Apart from that, visitors can see the sunrise in Doi Thay (Mo Thay) cape or watch the sunset at the main port, Cam Mountain.
Phu Quy Island Travel Guide
Sunrise in Phu Quy Island
In addition, visitor can visit Hon Den, Hon Trung, Hon Giua, Hon Do, Hon Tranh. After about 10 minutes travelling by canoe, you can walk in the trees and explore life of the fishermen with traditional job of diving for lobster.

You can go to Hon Hai, learn about the departure of the boats famous for fishing shark in Phu Quy.

Giant whale bones in An Thanh Van: In 1941, the body of a dead whale drifted in Phu Quy island, people discovered and buried formally. When being alive, this whales could be more than 20 meters long and you can see its skeleton when visiting An Thanh Van.

In addition, you should also take the time to go to Cao Cat Mountain, Cam (Prohibited) Mountain, Buu Linh, Linh Quang, Thanh Lam temples…

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