The way to Thac Bac - Also called Silver Waterfall

The way to Thac Bac (also called Silver Waterfall) through terraced fields is really wonderful with lush forests, rolling mountains. This place attracts a lot of tourists who are interested in exploring.

From the altitude of 200 meters, Thac Bac Waterfall is an upstream of Muong Hoa stream. The white water flows of Thac Bac falls down the stream all year around.

It takes you 12 kilometers by coach or motorcycle to travel to Thac Bac – a majestic waterfall with hidden preliminary features.

Thac Bac waterfall is an upstream of Muong Hoa stream

A majestic waterfall

From a futher distance, tourists can hear the sound of water is chasing each other flow down to Thac Bac. The natural beauty of this plcae attracts many travelers.

After half an hour going through zigzaggind roads, hearing the songs of birds, visitors seem like to be escaped in a romantic scenery. Sapa is wrapped with mist all year around, especially in Thac Bac waterfall.

Tourists can be soaked in the cool water, chat each other and leave stress behind

Thac Bac – a majestic waterfall with hidden preliminary features

Flavor of the mountains

Go along two sides of the waterfall, you can see the Hmong women carrying cute children on their backs have their nice hand-made souvenirs sold.

This place is quite busy with highland markets that sell the ethnic souvenirs such as rings, hats, purses, embroidered towels, wine, valuable medicinal plants derived from Hoang Lien Son, herbal tea…The most deversified product is brocade with dramatic colors.

In addition, visitors can enjoy unique dishes such as chicken meat, pork, Day vegetable, Thang Co…Many tourists are interested in sitting under the tree or in greasy spoon to enjoy baked sweet potapo or grilled corn, grilled chicken eggs…The Hmong girls in bright costumes hurrily invite guests to drink apricot wine, apple cider or San Lung wine.

The most attractive dish is Com Lam ( bamboo rice) served with grilled sparrows, grill frogs or barbecue. This food is so delicious and fat that the more you eat, the more delicious you feel.

Grilled chicken eggs, corn and bamboo rice
To come to Thac Bac, you can take a train to Sapa town, then catch a car to go to Sapa. From here, you just need a camera, a bottle of rice, a tour map and ask a local motorcycle taxi driver ( with the cost of 150.000 VND per day) as a guider to Thac Bac or anywhere in Sapa.

You don’t forget to take the pictures of the ethnic people when you experience homestay with local people.

Currently, the majority of ethnic minority women working as tour guiders are fluent in speaking Vietnamese, English and French…

Foreign tourists enjoying dinner with local residents
Visiting Sapa, those who ever enjoyed specialities can’t forget their flavors and tastes because each of dish in the fog land has different secret in taste and processing way. They are not valuable products but they bring soul of the country and imprint of Sapa mountains.

The way to Thac Bac - Also called Silver Waterfall 

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