Phuket - Paradise of Cheap Food in Thailand

Phuket, the famous tourist city of Thailand is not only known for its blue sea, white sand and a vibrant lifestyle, the culinary culture here is also worth exploring.

Phuket beach, the most beautiful beach in Thailand
Eating is a favorite topic of the Thai people and they could talk about food all day without getting bored, Phuket is not an exception. It is said that if you learn the vocabulary that specializes in Thai cuisine, you can understand 80% of conversations of local people.

From flea markets to the makeshift stalls on the street or the family shops on a small scale, only about 3-4 tables with affordable prices,.... all of which can easily be found in any corners in Phuket. Even that if you are afraid of going out and just want to stay in the room or watch the sea on the long sandy beach, you only need to make a phone call, food will be served in person.

Visitors can find food stalls in any corner in Phuket
One of the ideal and easy ways to taste the street attractive food is to participate in a local festival. In Phuket, festivals are taken place all year round so visitors coming at any given time can have some opportunities to experience the food. In particular, a number of festivals that can make you satisfied your interest on food like Phuket Old Town Festival taken place from January to February, Chalong Temple Fair held every year on the occasion of Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) or Patong Beach Carnival in December. Each month, a festival of a different topic is held in Saphan Hin Park in Phuket, but they have one thing in common is that the food vendors stalls is always crowded. Another interesting suggestion for those who prefer the vegetarian food is to engage in Phuket Vegetarian Festival held in September- October annually.
Food sold on occasion of Phuket Vegetarian Festival
The street food in Phuket is famous not only for delicious, attractive taste but also for very affordable prices. The dishes which are priced below 50 baht (35,000 dong) you should not miss are Hokkien noodles, dim sum, haw mok, roti (Thai-style pancake), satay (grilled meat skewer) or kanom Jeen (fermented wheat ). In addition, there are countless hard- to- resist tasty snacks sold on the island with the price of just a few baht such as khao tum mud (sticky rice steamed bananas - 8 baht /set), kanom krok (coconut cake), kanom Buang (coconut wafer cream), sangkaya fuk tong (quiche with pumpkin and coconut milk) or khao lam (bamboo rice).

Street food in Phuket is very various and delicious
Besides the food being sold on the streets, Phuket also has some delicious and cheap restaurants that you should try as:

- Aroon Restaurant on Thalang road serves roti bread, pasta and rice.
- Mee Ton Poe Restaurant in Clock Tower, opposite Metropole Hotel, is opened from noon every weekday. You should come here early because it is fully booked very soon. Famous dishes of the restaurant are fried Hokkien noodles and satay grilled meat skewer for 50 baht / 10 skewers.
- N.C. Restaurant is opposite the Royal Phuket City on Phang Nga Road. This is one of the places selling the best kanom jeen fermented noodles in Phuket.
- Ko Yoon Restaurant on Yaowarat Road is the place selling delicious Hokkien noodles.
- Jade Restaurant, opposite the police station on the road of ChaoFa East, Chalong , is famous for dim sum dish.
- Number One Seafood Restaurant on Soi Happy Bangla road is where backpackers like and recommend for quite cheap but delicious seafood. The area also includes a series of seafood restaurant which are differently numbered and always attracts many tourists.

Seafood sered in the restaurants

Phuket - Paradise of Cheap Food in Thailand

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