Angkor Traveling with 15 tips, do not forget

Angkor Wat is surely one of the most visited tourist attractions in Southeast Asia, highly ranked on TripAdvisor. The biggest travel website on the planet has recently issues some advice for travelers before visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  1. You should do some research in advance. This will give you some general knowledge about history of the Angkor Wat.
  2. Be ready to walk a lot. With about 400 kilometers square and more than 1,000 temples of all sizes, it should be a tiring day for your legs and feet. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
  3. Bring a lot of water as the weather in Cambodia can be quite hot and humid.
  4. The most ideal time to visit Angkor Wat is at dawn, around 5 AM. According to experience of many travelers, this is when you can watch the majestic sunrise without encountering lots of people. This is a perfect opportunity for photo shooting.
  5. If you want to visit Angkor Wat in summer, consider going before 11 AM as after this, temperatures can go up drastically.
  6. You should not skip the sunset at Angkor Wat. It is equally beautiful as the sunrise.
  7. Plan in advance which temples you want to visit and a 3-day pass is the best option.
  8. Umbrella should not be forgotten.
  9. A hotel with pool could be great as you will crave for some swimming after having to endure with sunlight all day.
  10. January is the best time to visit Angkor Wat.
  11. You should hire your own guide to comprehend the real value of this spectacular complex.
  12. Show respect by dressing appropriately. Sleeveless shirts, shorts and skirts are not recommended.
  13. Be aware that in some temples, children under 12 years of age are restricted.
  14. If you have enough time and stamina, hiring a bike and explore the site on your own.
  15. You can save some money by buying souvenirs in shops that located around the site.

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