10 must-to-do things when visiting Dalat city

Drinking coffee, wanderring on the streets, staying overnight at the ancient villa or just coming to live slower without job, internet and even television.

Stay overnight at the ancient villa among the immense pine forest

At present, in Dalat city, many existing French-style ancient villas located on the pine hills turned into the high-end hotels to serve the tourists. You should try to stay overnight at one of these beautiful and fully equipped hotels to feel the peaceful, romantic and dreamlike night in Dalat.

Lying in the warm blanket in the cold atmosphere

You should enjoy a night of sleeping in the warm blanket in the coldness of highland. Let yourself wake up little late and then curl yourself in the warm blanket in the wood-smelled room with the sparkling candles.

Drinking coffee in Trinh Cong Son’s songs

There are a wide range of coffee shops for you to come and enjoy. Firstly, Song Vi cafe specializes in playing French romantic music. Secondly, Lieu O cafe is behind Dinh II in the quiet garden. The third cafe is Moc on Ba Trung street which plays live music on the weekends. Besides, Tung cafe only serves classical music for music connoisseur and coffee gourmet. You should come to one of these coffee shops to feel the music and drink a delicious cup of coffee.

Going shopping warm clothes in bustling old clothes market

The clothes selling stalls which are near Dalat market starts to open from 5 p.m every day. There, they sell many old clothes from sweater, coats, wool hats, socks, scarves to accessories used in winter. Maybe you have no need of buying warm clothes, you still ought to go there to see the interesting feature of local people’s life.

Riding the bike down to the flower beds

In Dalat city, flowers are everywhere. Therefore, Dalat is known as the city of flower. Here, you will see different kinds of flowers with different colors blooming in the sunshine.
With Dalat, the tortuous streets will have no traffic lights. Thus, riding the bike through the flower beds on two sides of the road will be the unforgettable experience for tourists.

Picking strawberry

The typical gifts of Dalat are cauliflower, strawberry, bean, avocado and persimmom. The farrms are willing to open to welcome tourists to come and pick these fruits and vegetables by themselves in order to take to home. If you do not have time to pick them, you can buy the fresh products in Dalat market in the early morning and of course, you have to remember to bargain the price.

A journey on the old railway

At the old railway station, there is a railway to carry the passengers to take a visit of 7km in length to Mat farm. It will go through the valley slopes of morning glory and green house of planting roses and then come back to the station which still keeps the immovable steam-engine locomotives.

Making a wonderful wedding album in the nature

If you want to make a wedding album with flower, all kinds of flowers in Dalat city will help you to do this. If you want to be taken photos with architecture, Con Ga Church and Dalat University will be the perfect choice. Moreover, if you want to make a album with the old scenes, Bao Dai Palace is ready to welcome you.

Mimosa, typical flower in Dalat
Night gift

If the weather is cold, it will make you feel hungry faster. In Dalat city, there is a variety of delicious dishes for you to choose such as hot porridge, tasty boiled and stir fried snails or hot soy milk grasses. When coming to Dalat, you should not miss the typical dishes like “Nem lui” (special spring roll), Vietnamese crepes or corn-made sticky rice.

Celebrating Christmas peacefully

One night of Christmas Eve in the cold atmosphere with local people will be the completely different experience you have never had. In the peaceful holidays, Dalat city is beautifully decorated by colorful flowers. Surely, you will never forget your feelings when celebrating Christmas in Dalat.

10 must-to-do things when visiting Dalat city

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