Cherry Blossom Season In Japan

Visit “Land of Rising Sun” in March to enjoy the cherry blossom season in Japan and allow into the white-pink carpet of flowers. It is like the dream-like heaven Japan. Once in your lifetime, you ask yourself what are the symbols of cherry festival in Japan? Philosophically speaking, cherry blossoms were a metaphor for the fleeting nature of life and renewal. Japanese young women in their sakura-patterned kimonos with the huge torches and rows of gaily colored lanterns left me an incredible impression in cherry blossom season in Japan.

Walking under the long tunnel of pinky blooming in the picturesque landscape and find the paradise on the earth.

Since the 8th century, this much-loved flower viewing was used to celebrate in the New Year’s harvest while making the beginning of the rice planting season.

 It’s time for Japanese to go outside and celebrate the new powerful spirit of lifetime.

and enjoying Bento

and warabi with your families and friends


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