Top 6 Beautiful Waterfalls In Vietnam

Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang

The most famous Ban Gioc Waterfall in the Northern Vietnam occupies 200 meter wide and the stream dropping more than 70 meters across 3 layers of cliffs. The mesmerizing backup of karst and lush forests draws a poetic picture: calm water, pristine forests and small ethnic villages. It makes Ban Gioc Waterfall be one of 4 biggest cross-border waterfalls in the world.

Pongour Waterfalls in Dalat

From the North, head to the South, especially the Highland of Dalat and contemplate the picturesque Pongour Waterfall. From the peaceful road leading to the waterfall to the unspoiled nature landscapes, the massive water flows dramatically over 7 layers to the bottom creating the thunder-like sounds. At Mid-January festival, Young people gather here to participant some joyful activities such as traditional rituals of locals and folk games.

Thac May (Cloud Waterfall) in Thanh Hoa

Thanks to its own 9 layers of waters, it is called “nine steps of Love”. Thus couples can choose Cloud Waterfall to enjoy every romantic moment together. It is less-visited (among Vietnam destinations) by foreign visitors but always bring you the exceptional experiences among the untouched nature.

Thac Bac (Silver Waterfall) in Sapa
Thac Bac, one of Sapa attractions overlooking tranquil Sapa Valley, is a must when you visit the Northern Vietnam. From the canyon of 100 meter high, roaring water pouring down, remove the white foam roll like flowers. In the sunny day, when the splendid rays of sun shines in the stream, Thac Bac looks like the white dragon looking down from the blue sky. That’s the reason why people call it Thac Bac Waterfall.

Gia Long Waterfall, Dak Nong

Being the upper and best reaches of system of three waterfalls: Gia Long, Dray Nur and Dray Sap in Serepok River, Gia Long Waterfall embraced by the Tam Tien Lake, sounds of wild birds and fragrance of wild flowers.


Giang Dien Waterfall in Dong Nai Province

To get out of the hot weather, come to the Giang Dien Waterfall to pamper yourself under cool water flows and enjoy exciting moments among colorful wild flowers with your friends and family a day trip. At Exotic Voyages, we highly recommend you to stay overnight to experience the warm camp fire, the cozy atmosphere and sound of the waterfalls.

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