Exotic Things To Do In Bhutan

1    1.  Come to Monasteries

Visiting to Bhutansese monasteries is the best way to get out of the hustle and bustle life. Tiger’s Nest Monastery overlooking the stunning Paro valley, Rinpung Dzong with the unique architecture, Tango monastery amidst immense forests are the must-sees in you Bhutan travel.

Rinpung Dzong was built in 1646

      2.  Hike up the Tiger’s Nest

Situated on the side of cliff above 900 meters from Paro valley, Tiger’s Nest offers you the spectacular views, especially for those adventure lovers. The clear sky, the cool weather and great location lets you contemplate the glorious sunshine and pure atmosphere. From here, you can see the colorful flags, exquisite hillsides and very close view of monastery.

The unique Tiger's Nest 

3. Ride up to the Dochula Pass

You will be amazed by the magnificent rhododendrons hidden behind the dense fog together the scattering prayer flags. Don’t put your desire of riding motor through the Dochula Pass out! 

Dochula Pass

4. Bird-watching

You shouldn’t miss a bird-watching tour to see an endangered Blacked Necked Cranes in Phobjika Valley in the early morning. It seems to be the carnival of color and sound and brings you closer to the nature.

5. Celebrate with Bhutan traditional festivals

Bhutan is the country of festivals (Tsechu in Bhutanese). Come here and you can enjoy the festive atmosphere all years: Paro Tsechu during spring, Thimphu Tsechu and Bumthang Tsechu in autumn.

Mask dances in Thimphu

     6.  Sample the local cuisines and drinks
The delicious foods greet your visit: Ema Datshi – mixture of cheese and chili, Aezay – made of chilies with onions, front to rear – beef, roast pork and ginger rice.


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