The glorious U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

The world’s longest made of teak, U Bein’s Bridge reaching almost 1,2 kilometers across the Taungthaman Lake, is one of Mandalay’s attractions. It was built by U BEin in the mid-19th century when the capital of Innwa moved to the nearby Amarapura.  Many parts of the bridge have no handrails but now people reinforce with cement to make it usable and safer.

 It is said that the sunsets draw the unique landscape of U Bein as the sun is slowly fading behind the hills and reflecting the light sunshine over the waterways.

Come here to contemplate the unique beauty, the other prospective of Myanmar: kids playing on the shores of Taungthaman Lake with fishermen in the distance, monks crossing U Bein on the way to Kyauktawiyj Paya and the sun are touching each teak of U Bein Bridge. The glorious pagodas and shrines with Shan mountain range and the tranquil Irrawaddy River are the stunning backdrop for splendid sunset.

During the wet season, the water level can reach the top of bridge but it drop significantly in the dry season. You can meander under the bridge and see the crop fields planted on the rich soil.  It is definitely special experience in your Myanmar tours.

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