Popular Trend Of Hanoi Coffee Shops

From streets to the office buildings, café attracts all ages of Hanoians, from teenagers to the elderly in the busy life. Some wants to enjoy in the cozy ambience but some just want to sit on the pavement to see the street life. As a coffeeholic, it is hardly for me to choose which are the most favorite café shops in Hanoi. Below are some of the most popular trends of Hanoi café that I want to share with you.

1. Teenagers’ café

Recently this kind of coffee shop has been expanded significantly. Not only coffee but also yogurt, cocktails and fast-food are available anytime in majority Hanoi café shops. The well-decorated with wall painting creates the warm atmosphere to both gossip and study.

The coffee Inn - the popular cafe shop for teenagers 
2. Theme café

Coffee shops in Hanoi today designed in specific themes. From animal themes such as Bird café on Nguyen Du Street or Cat coffee on Chua Lang Street to Art Coffee On Quan Thanh Street, all of them seems to be small galleries. Besides sipping a cup of coffee to warm up yourself, pamper the lovely dogs or cats, listen to the whistle of birds or enjoy the different antiques of all regions in Vietnam.

Neko Coffee - 14  Alley 202F, Doi Can Street
3. Office café

Like its name, café shop turns out to be the office. People come here for both drinking and working, reading books or some business matters. Or simply find the quiet moments for a cup of coffee out of the bustling life.

Ciao Cafe - No 2 Hang Bai Street

4. Sidewalk coffee

Drinking coffee on the pavement and watching the busy life of Hanoi is that any one come to Hanoi want to try. Not as professional as café shop but the open-air atmosphere make sidewalk coffee interesting. Sit on the stalls, order a cup of coffee and a plate of sun flowers seeds. Not only drinks but also the views of daily life satisfy your desire of discovering the charming Hanoi. Don't miss any chance to enjoy a cup of coffee on the pavements in your Vietnam Culinary Tour Package.  It makes you find Hanoi in different prospectives.

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