My visit to Ananda Temple in Bagan

I spend a whole morning to explore some main temples in Bagan Archeology Park, among many I have visited; the Ananda Temple might be the most impressive one I have visited. Ananda Temple is outstanding from many other ancient temples that look well from exterior but have only ruins inside amidst the silence.

Ananda temple (Ananda Pahto) is located at the end of the way leading to the Old Bagan – where lie the King’s temples. It was built by Kyansittha in 1105 and destroyed partly in July 1975 by an earthquake. After the earthquake it was renovated by Buddhists and became the most beautiful and well-preserved in Bagan. The Ananda is listed in top must-visit temples in all travel guidebooks.

The main stupa of Ananda Temple is 54 meter high, its peak is gilded. From the stupa, travelers can enjoy the view to all four directions. To each direction, there is a worship place and a 10 meter high gilded Buddha statue. The statue heading to the East is Konagamana, to the West is Gautama, to the South is Kassapa, and to the North is Kakusanda. According to the teachings of Buddha, they are human being savers, who protects all direct.

Some reports say that the Ananda Temple was built by the Indian architects and handicraftsmen as it looks quite similar to some Indian architecture in some parts. Apart from the big Buddha statues, there are many other small statues, sculptured pictures along the corridors, they tell people about the long story of Buddha life.

When we came to the Ananda Temple, there is a small group of local Buddhists coming for morning pray. Inside the temple, they sell flowers and thin golden plates that called “lam” in Burmese and are used to stick onto Buddha statues after praying. Due to this special praying customs, there are some small statues seem to look very strange.

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